Historic Homes in 8 Classic American Styles

As the United States expanded, it's taste in architecture evolved from city to city. Take a look at some of the classic buildings and homes that've had a profound effect on America's sense of style.
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Los Angeles Icon

Mid-century modern pioneering architects and designers Charles and Ray Eames created this home dubbed, "Case Study No. 8." Built in the Pacific Palisades neighborhood, it has been an avant guard icon since 1949.

Inspiration in Chicago

Frank Lloyd Wright is surely the most noted name in American architecture. His Robie House located on the University of Chicago campus, is easily recognizable through its horizontal lines and low profile. This Wright home was groundbreaking when it was completed in 1910.

A New Orleans Classic

The French Quarter in New Orleans gets a spotlight once a year for its raucous Mardi Gras celebration. However, it deserves it much more often for its gorgeous French-and-Spanish inspired buildings with elaborate wrought iron balconies like those on the LeBranche building on Royal Street.

Key West Charmer

As defined by fishing as Key West is, its character is equally entwined with the style of its homes. This charming cottage, the former home of Captain John Bartlum, features a picket fence and welcoming porches that thousands of cheerfully painted homes reflect on the laid-back isle.

Dramatic Santa Fe

San Miguel Chapel in the heart of Santa Fe is one of the most enduring examples of adobe-style architecture in the city. True to adobe's durable nature, the walls of the mission are the originals that were built from sand, clay, and water in the early 1600s.

Dignified Charleston

This southern city exudes charm with its antebellum, affluent mansions. This particular masterpiece known as the Shackleford-Williams House stands as a testament to an era of prosperity that ended long ago and is now being resurrected with the city's renaissance.

Austere Cape Cod

Built on the wind-battered spit of land that juts off of the coast of Massachusetts, buildings on Cape Cod must be able to withstand all that Mother Nature hurls at them. The Highland Lighthouse, constructed in 1857, embraces a classic New England aesthetic with its weathered shingles and no-nonsense design.

Quaint San Francisco

Though not the most well-known group of houses in San Francisco - that distinction goes to the Painted Ladies - this row of beauties in the Liberty Hill neighborhood is representative of the lovely, often flamboyant Victorian and Edwardian homes in the City by the Bay.

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