Framed Tin-Tiled Ceiling

Tin tiles are framed in reclaimed oak to give a ceiling a recessed look.


Decorative tiles add dimension and style into a once-plain living room.

Decorative tiles add dimension and style into a once-plain living room.

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Tools and Materials:

2’x2’ decorative metal tiles
reclaimed oak flooring
adhesive or caulk
caulking gun
wood glue
Brad nailer with 1-1/2” and 2-1/2" nails
table saw
miter saw
air compressor and hose
tape measure and chalk line


1. Measure the ceiling width and length and find the center point.

2. Snap a chalk line in both directions, creating a crosshair line right in the center. This will be your starting point.



3. Lay your first tile in the center and then work your way out. Apply construction adhesive to the backside of the tile then place it along the chalk line. Press the tile firmly.

4. Shoot a 2-1/2 nail into each corner of the tile to secure it to the ceiling.

5. Repeat this process until you have covered the desired ceiling area.

6. Frame the tiles to give them a recessed look (we used salvaged flooring materials). Cut the oak down to 3-inch wide strips on the table saw. In our project, we framed them out two tiles wide by four tiles long.

7. Use the miter saw to cut the oak strips to length.



8. Put glue on the underside of the oak strips and place it along the seams of the tiles.

9. Use the 1-1/2” nails to secure the wood to the ceiling. Continue the process until all of your framing is complete.

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