Fall Decorating Ideas: Simple Ways to Cozy Up

Make your home feel more comfortable this fall with cozy-chic (and super easy!) decorating ideas from top designers.
By: Betsy Lehndorff

The dipping temperatures are surely nudging you back indoors to nest, and you may begin looking at your home with a critical eye. The tattered chair and ottoman in the living room aren't going to look any better when snow begins to fall. And the dingy paint on the walls, along with all the clutter piled on desks and in closets after a busy summer, will drag your spirits down.

Denver-area interior designers Lane Elisabeth Oliver, Mark David, Melinda Douglas, Marjie Goode and Jonathan Fierer offer inspiring tips for making the home feel more comfortable as autumn approaches.

Fall Makeover: Double-Sided Fireplace

• Design your own furniture-style entertainment center; build it into the wall nearest the fireplace.
• To enhance the architectural details of a fireplace, faux finish the surround in shades of burnt red and orange.
• Display a framed oil painting or flat-screen TV above the mantel.
• Place stairstep shelves on the mantel and use as displays for decorative ceramic jars and bottles.
• Place large kilim-covered down pillows on the hearth.

Fall Makeover: Front Door

• Stain the front porch or, if it's concrete, cover it with flagstone.
• Replace a door and sidelights with a double door, or refinish the door with a new stain or paint that goes with the rest of the home's exterior.
• Update the porch lighting with new fixtures.
• Hang a fall wreath on the front door, or drape the frame with a long garland twined with string lights.

Fall Makeover: Foyer

• Place an attractive area rug on the floor. The first steps people take into your home will feel more luxurious and comfortable.
• Display fresh scented flowers on a table near the doorway.
• Install better lighting in the foyer, and equip all fixtures with dimmers to increase brightness when needed on dreary days.

Fall Makeover: Living Room

• If your furniture is similar in style, pattern, finish or color, pieces can be interchangeable. You can add the feeling of fall to a room by swapping a comfortable pattern-covered chaise in the living room for a leather-covered club chair and ottoman from the study.
• Use khaki as a neutral background color. Red, green, blue and orange hues look very organic against this popular color.
• Instead of rearranging your furniture, consider a new area rug for the floor. It will be soft and comfortable underfoot.
• Romanticize shorter days by placing tea lights and candles around your home. Light them when it gets dark.
• Make sure you have plenty of direct lighting in the living room, such as a cantilevered lamp you can read by.

Fall Makeover: Kitchen

• Get the family together to remove clutter and thoroughly scrub every inch of the kitchen until it sparkles.
• Install a new backsplash.
• Change the kitchen's window treatments.
• Accessorize the kitchen with real fruits and vegetables that you use on a daily basis.
• Dress up cabinets with new paint, wood molding or new pulls.
• Replace fluorescent ceiling lights with a pendant lamp, or add a decorative medallion to the center.
• Repaint the kitchen with a new color.

Fall Makeover: Bedroom

• Change the look of your linens, shams or duvet covers. Make sure they complement your existing floors, walls and furnishings.
• Even a quilt thrown over the end of the bed can add a new look and feel.
• Replace white light bulbs with pink bulbs for a warmer look.
• Add trim to lampshades or replace them with something new.
• Equip your closet with attractive hangers. Place scented sachets in chests of drawers.
• Every once in a while, buy fresh flowers. Place them next to your bed or in a visual line from your bed.

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