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Expert Tips for Choosing the Perfect Paint Color

Nothing transforms a room like paint, so we've gathered our top tips to help you select paint colors like a pro.

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Opt for Test Sizes

Before committing to a full gallon, first try out a few samples to really nail down which shade of a particular color you want. Available at most paint stores for less than $5 each, these little testers are just enough to cover a large wall area or sample board with paint.

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View Swatches in Natural Light

It's common to fall in love with a paint swatch in the store then find the color looks drastically different once it's painted on your walls. This is caused, in part, because paint looks different under artificial light versus natural light. For a better idea of the finished color, always look at paint chips near a window.

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Compare Paint Chips to White

Similar to using a quarter to show the scale of an object in a photograph, comparing any color against white will ensure its tonal values really clearly. When looking over paint chips at home, try laying them out on a white surface.

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Opt for Inexpensive Foam Brushes

To save time when painting test swatches, use disposable foam brushes rather than a standard paintbrush you'll have to wash clean between colors.

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