Peek Inside a DIY Blogger's Stylish Pad

Emily Blanchard's Rhode Island home is a DIY lover's dream.

Photo By: Emily Blanchard

Photo By: Emily Blanchard

Photo By: Emily Blanchard

Photo By: Emily Blanchard

Photo By: Emily Blanchard

Photo By: Emily Blanchard

Emily Blanchard of EmilyEveryDay

Meet Emily Blanchard and her best friend, Opal. Emily is a writer, stylist, DIYer, and creator of EmilyEveryDay. When Emily started documenting her home renovation projects online, she inadvertently became an advocate for women. She empowers women to do the things they may be scared of within their homes such as hanging light fixtures, installing shelves, and building furniture. It was never her intention to be a role model for budding DIYers but she inspires a new generation of women to take on complex DIY projects and finish them with confidence and style.

The Project That Started it All

The first major project Emily tackled in her circa '70s Rhode Island home was her dated kitchen. Emily refinished her 1970s cabinets all by herself. During the renovation, she taught herself how to use a miter saw, brad nailer and air compressor. The result is a bright and airy kitchen with a fresh, modern vibe. After this project, Emily says she felt she could tackle anything.

Mistakes Are Opportunities

Mistakes are opportunities for you to learn something new says Emily. She taught herself how to change light fixtures when she grew tired of waiting for her partner to come home from work and do it for her. Her first attempt didn't go a smoothly as she hoped. When she flipped the switch for the first time it didn't turn on. This minor setback encouraged Emily to research further until she solved the problem. Now, she's an expert fixture hanger.

Pay it Forward

Emily loves to accessorize with items made by small businesses. Many accessories in her living room are from women who run their own businesses (the artwork, pillows, mug, coasters, and candle.) Nothing makes her happier, she says, than supporting someone else's dreams.

Take Charge

This rustic console table is a crowd favorite, which is oddly gratifying to Emily since she built it herself. Becoming a homeowner encouraged Emily to take charge and get things done on her own terms.

Personal Space

Every girl boss needs her own space. Having a place to be able to run EmilyEveryDay was really important so Emily converted her third bedroom into an office. Whether it's just a small corner of a room or a spot on the couch in front of a window, everyone needs a place to dream, plan and find inspiration.

Confident and Creative

Emily undertook a huge task by updating her floor to ceiling wood paneling. She creatively uses accessories to hide eyesores. See the monstera leaf print? It's actually hiding a fuse box. Sometimes hiding an eyesore in plain sight is the best way around a design dilemma.

Start With a Small Space

This is Emily's favorite room in the house because it's the first room she designed from scratch with a distinct vision in mind. She ripped out the toilet, hung the wallpaper and shelves, and painted everything by herself.

A Girl's Bestfriend(s)

No more room for all your shoes? Emily installed these floating shelves to help with that problem. Because you can't go wrong with shoes as decor!

Tag Team

This Coloraydecor wallpaper was one of Emily's first partnerships on her Instagram account. She and her partner, Brian, spent four hours putting it up together. Even though Emily is a capable DIYer, she says that sometimes being strong and independent still means it's okay to ask someone else for help.

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