How to Go Vintage Without Making Your Home Feel Like a Blast From the Past

Get expert advice, like: Don't decorate with everything from the same time period or your home will feel totally outdated.

Photo By: Flynnside Out

Photo By: Flynnside Out

Photo By: Flynnside Out

Photo By: Flynnside Out

Photo By: Flynnside Out

Photo By: Flynnside Out

Photo By: Flynnside Out

Photo By: Flynnside Out

Eclectic Flea Market Style

There’s just something about wandering a flea market on the hunt for a truly fantastic find that gets the blood pumping. If you want to create an eclectic space that’s unique and affordable, shopping flea markets is definitely the way to go.

Credenza Bonanza

Keep an eye out for credenzas and sideboards if you need extra storage in any — and I do many any — space. This particular credenza with its glossy veneer and gold-tone hardware is ideally suited for use as dining room sideboard. Perched on narrow legs, its elevated stance helps the room also feel a bit bigger.

Acquired Art

If a great-looking gallery wall gives you goosebumps, the fastest (and cheapest) way to collect art for one is to scour your local flea markets and art fairs. This nostalgic Fisher Price inspired piece by Denver-based artist Jonathan Fenske was the starting point for this gallery wall and sets a playful tone for the space.

Frame Swap

While shopping for art, don’t get distracted by unattractive frames. You can always move the art into a more modern frame that better suits your style and space. These gold tone frames work really well and tie into the room’s vintage light fixture.

Time Travel

Sticking to only one time period can be a little dangerous when it comes to buying second-hand furniture. You may end up with a space that looks dated rather than curated. To pull together an eclectic look, be willing to mix in your flea market finds with pieces that are new (or new-ish). This 70’s dining room table feels retro cool paired with crisp white resin chairs and super-saturated turquoise rug.

Posh Portraits

You can get portraits for a steal at flea markets and they’re wonderful conversation-starters. Just ask your guests to give the strangers in the painting a name and backstory. You’d be surprised with what they’ll come up with!

Loving the Lean

Buying art is fun, but sometimes hanging it... well, not so much. So, lean it. It’s a great way to keep your decor loose and flexible, especially if you’re renting or you’ve just moved into your place and still working out furniture arrangement.

Behind Closed Doors

This midcentury modern gentleman’s case (fancy designer speak for dresser) is striking with its raised geometric design and would look amazing in any room. That’s the beauty of MCM case goods (aka storage pieces): The dressers aren’t always a "drawers only" affair. Many pieces were topped off with interesting-looking cabinet doors that concealed useful shelves or cubbies. These particular drawers are home to spare table linens and seasonal decor while the upper cabinet opens up to reveal a fully stocked bar.

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