Easy New Year's Centerpiece

Pull out the glitter, Mason jars and your favorite flowers for this winter arrangement, perfect for ringing in the New Year.

Winter Arrangement

Once Christmas is past, it can be a little hard to decide which decorations should fill the empty spaces. This glittery, DIY winter arrangement is perfect for the new year and will keep things cheery even in the middle of winter. This how-to gallery will give you a few steps to get started, and provide inspiration for your custom display.


You can use glitter, paint, brushes, masking tape, double-sided tape, glue and assorted glass pieces to create your New Year's arrangement. You may also want a shallow dish to catch excess glitter in. There are all kinds of supplies you can use, so feel free to experiment.

Creating Shapes

You can create geometric glitter shapes by applying masking tape wherever you don't want glitter to stick. Once your tape is on, paint the glass with glue. You can use school glue, mod podge, acrylic medium or anything else that dries clear.

Add Glitter

While the glue is still wet, pour glitter over the glass until all of the glue is covered.

Remove The Tape

Before the glue has dried completely, gently peel off the tape and wipe any excess glue off the glass. Set your glass to the side to finish drying.

Making Lines

If you'd rather make lines than shapes, or just don't like using glue, you can use heavy duty double-sided tape to attach the glitter. Stick the tape to the glass, and roll through a pan of glitter until the tape is coated.

Finished Glass

Your finished pieces should look something like this. Placed side by side the positive and negative shapes work together well.

Painted Glass

You can also add paint to your glass containers before adding glitter to create opaque, colored glass. Use spray paint or brush on acrylic paint to cover the glass.

A Glitter Base

Let the paint dry for at least 24 hours, then use painter's masking tape to mark the line where you want the glitter to begin. Cover the area with glue, and then pour glitter on top. Remove the tape gently so you don't pull any paint off.

Painted Bottles

You can match the glitter color to your paint color, or mix it up to fit your style. These bottles are great for displaying a few tall floral stems.


You can create all kinds of patterns with tape and glue. Try vertical, horizontal and diagonal stripes. You can even mix and match glitter colors. Simply let the glue under one color dry before adding the next color.

Freehand Glitter

If you'd like to create more organic shapes, try applying the glue freehand with a brush. The glitter will stick to any areas with glue, so try creating interesting lines and shapes.

Snow Globe Beginnings

You can fill the inside of your jars with glitter by creating your own snow globe. You'll need a mason jar with a lid, hot glue, water and glitter. Attach whatever you want to be inside your snow globe to the inside of the lid with hot glue. We used painted pine cones.

Putting it Together

Use more hot glue to cover the lid with glitter. Then fill your jar with glitter and water. Place your arrangement into the water and screw the lid on. If you want extra security you can add a little glue to the treads before screwing on the lid, just to be sure everything stays sealed.

Finished Snow Globe

Shake it up and enjoy your handmade Mason jar snow globe.

Simple Glitter

If you want to keep things simple, you can cover the entire glass with glue and glitter. It's a beautiful way to create a candle holder, especially with translucent glitter.

Glittering Critters

Glass isn't the only thing you can add glitter to. You can create little critters, or buy premade ones, and cover them with a shimmery coat. The simple shape of this little bird works especially well.

Natural Elements

Natural elements are a great way to add interest and bit of softness to the harsh lines of the glass in this arrangement. We used pine cones, but acorns, vines, dried flowers and many other items would work as well. You can cover them with paint, glitter them, or use them as is.

Ringing in the New Year

Make your arrangement specific to you celebration with a few glittering additions. We covered the number 15 with glitter to celebrate the new year, but you can add any letters, numbers or shapes that fit your celebration. Attach them to sticks and add them to your floral arrangements.

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