DIY Fall Decorating: Bring the Inside Out!

It's easy to create a warm and welcoming front porch for fall when you embrace the natural beauty of the season.

Photo By: Image courtesy of At the Picket Fence

Fall Front Porch Table Vignette

Bringing a table outside and onto the porch gives you the perfect place to create a beautiful fall vignette. A vintage window, dried hydrangeas, wheat in an urn and pumpkins spilling out of a bucket make this a charming way to welcome fall to your home. 

Falling Leaves Illusion

Gather leaves from your yard or the park and simply attach to the glass using double stick tape, arranging them to look as though they are falling off the trees onto the ground.

Incorporate Dried Hydrangeas Into Your Fall Decorating

Enjoy your summer hydrangeas a little bit longer by drying them and placing inside a rustic wood crate. It's an easy way to add texture and subtle color. 

Have Fun with Pumpkins

Turn a galvanized bucket on its side and pile in the pumpkins allowing them to spill out onto the table. 

Celebrate the Bounty of the Harvest

A simple arrangement of wheat in an urn looks elegant and pays homage to the hard work and dedication of the farming community.

Cabbage and Kale Filled Suitcases

Stack vintage suitcases on top of each other and fill the top one with cabbages and kale for a touch of whimsy on your front porch. 

Add a Touch of Whimsy to Your Front Porch

Instead of placing your favorite fall flowers in pots on your porch, why not try something different this year? 

Create a Unique Plant Stand Using an Old Chair

Simply remove the seat of any chair and place your favorite fall flowers down inside to add some eclectic charm to your front porch. 

Make a Popcorn Kernel Wreath for Your Front Door

This beautiful wreath is so simple to make and is a fun new—decorative—way to use popcorn kernels.

Popcorn Kernel Wreath Supplies

All you need to make this is a foam wreath form, popcorn kernels, foam paint brush and water- based sealer craft glue. 

Popcorn Kernel Wreath How-To

Using a foam brush, apply glue directly to wreath form, working on one section at a time. Then place a handful of popcorn kernels on top, pressing in slightly to secure. Work your way around the wreath until it's completely covered in kernels. Allow to thoroughly dry before moving. 

Finished Popcorn Kernel Wreath

Spray paint the wreath in your favorite fall color. Two coats of spray paint will most likely be necessary. Tie the wreath to your front door with a ribbon and you have a simply lovely fall welcome. 

Fall Decorating Doesn't Have to Be Complicated

These simple ideas prove that decorating for fall can be easy when you find your inspiration in the seasonal splendor of nature.

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