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Design Tips and Celebration Ideas for the Winter Solstice

By: Maria Conti and Karli Sanders

The first day of winter is also the shortest, darkest day of the year. Illuminate your home with the glow of candles, the shine of bright colors and mirrors, and subtle hints of spring to show Old Man Winter who's boss.

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Celebrate the Winter Solstice in Style

The Winter Solstice marks the onset of winter and is the shortest day of the year, typically falling somewhere between Dec. 21-23 in the Northern Hemisphere. Though it's the day with the least sunlight, Winter Solstice is a celebration of sunny days ahead and is the perfect time to break out yule logs, roaring fires, candles and enjoy decadent treats with friends. Want to get in on the festivities this year? Read on to learn about our favorite Winter Solstice decor, recipes and activity ideas for the whole family.

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Make Sunny Orange Garland

Deck your halls, tables and trees with dried orange slice decorations. Orange garland and ornaments offer natural color and texture to your solstice decor and, even better? They’re steeped with holiday symbolism. Oranges represent the sun in Winter Solstice celebrations because each day that follows the holiday — the shortest day of the year — welcomes progressively more sunlight.

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Gather Around the Fire Pit

What better way to revel in the winter holiday than by gathering outdoors? Invite guests around your fire pit and burn a yule log (or 12!) to celebrate the season. Supply each loved one with a cozy sherpa throw blanket and a cold-weather cocktail to keep them warm from the inside out.

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Let It Snow

Add snow to the forecast for late December with a flurry of shimmery snowflakes. Dangle store-bought or hand-crafted snowflakes from light fixtures throughout your house to create a festive, wintry statement for your solstice gathering. Another idea? Suspend your snowflakes at varied heights from interior doorways or window curtain rods for similar results.

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