Decorating With Poinsettias

Add some fun to your holiday decor with these three simple projects.

Poinsettia Decor

Upcycle wine bottles to make a festive vase for light poinsettia blossoms for your holiday decor.

Assembling the bottles

You will need: 7 empty wine bottles/tray/grapevine/floral wire/wire cutters/twine/scissors/water and funnel/2 medium sized poinsettia plants. Soak wine bottles in warm soapy water overnight. Carefully remove the labels with a razor blade. Rinse and air dry.

Attaching the grapevine

Place the bottles on the tray you will use for display. One bottle should be in the middle with six surrounding it. Wrap lengths of grapevine tightly around the bottles. Secure the grapevine with a piece of floral wire and twist tightly with the wire cutters.

Grouping the grapevine

Secure the grapevine pieces with one wire surrounding all of them. Repeat in the back of the display. Trim away any excess wire and bend the tails over.

Adding the twine

Fold a long length of twine (about a yard) in half. Tie a knot around the grapevine cluster leaving a tail on one end about 8 inches long.

Wrapping the grapevine

Use the two loose tails to wrap from the center of the knot outward in either direction. When you have covered the wire, wrap the twine back toward the center.

Finishing the twine

Use the tails to make a knot and bow in the center of the twine wrap.

Filling the bottles

Use a funnel and water to fill the bottles up to the base of the neck of the bottles.

Placing the stems

Cut the poinsettia plants with long stems (about 7 or 8 inches). Trim away any leaves and place stems in the bottles.

Wine Bottle Poinsettia Decor

Grapevine and twine add a rustic yet elegant touch to these wine bottles used as a vase for your holiday arrangement.

Rainboot Poinsettia Arrangement

Add some whimsy to your holiday decor with this simple floral arrangement.

Filling the boots

You will need: Old rain boots (we found ours in the girls section of a thrift store for $5)/potting soil/2 medium sized poinsettia plants/water. Fill the boots with soil up to about 6 inches from the top of the boots. Remove the poinsettias from their packaging and gently loosen up the root balls. Place the plants in the boots and add additional soil as needed. Water the plants every couple of days.

Rainboot Poinsettia Arrangement

These boots placed next to a stack of gifts will brighten any corner for the holidays.

Rainboot Poinsettia Arrangement

Add some holiday flair to your entry with these quirky and fun poinsettia-filled rainboots.

Poinsettia Filled Skates Door Decor

You will need: Pair of old ice skates (we found ours in the girls section of a thrift store for $8)/plastic water bottles/scissors/medium poinsettia plant or artificial poinsettia stems/door hanger/fabric or raffia bow. Clean the skates thoroughly. Cut the top of the water bottles off with a pair of scissors. Place the water bottles in the heel of the skates. Add soil and poinsettia plants or fill with artificial stems. Tie a knot at the tops of the laces. Install door hanger and hang skates with laces. Finish with a bow.

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