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25 Dated Design Trends + Solutions

As design trends come and go, there are some that we wish would never come back around. Check out these dated design trends and their solutions.

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Photo: Jared Kuzia. From: Casagrande Studio.

Dated Design Trends + Solutions

As each year passes, new home design trends rise and fall. We have gathered up 15 dated trends that should be left in the past and their solutions that will leave your home with a timeless look.

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Photo: Tomas Espinoza/Flynnside Out Productions

Dated Trend: Popcorn Ceiling

This trend was popular in the 1950s through the 1980s but now is considered a faux pas. Most homeowners today are looking for ways to remove this ceiling detail from their older home, rather than implement it.

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Photo: Joseph Bradshaw

Solution: Smooth Ceiling

Instead of popcorn ceilings, opt for a smooth, clean look.

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Dated Trend: Block Tile

While block windows in showers or over a bathtub provides privacy, it is not the most attractive design element.

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