Creating Wood Columns in a Doorway

An opening between a kitchen and dining room is made classy with the addition of columns.


What was just a flat wall at either end of the bar and the other side of the doorway is transformed into handsome, whitewashed columns.

What was just a flat wall at either end of the bar and the other side of the doorway is transformed into handsome, whitewashed columns.

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Materials and Tools:

table saw or circular saw
miter saw (chop saw)
nail gun
birch plywood
poplar 1x4s
wood glue


1. Measure the column you want to cover or determine the size of your columns you want to build. Cut the plywood to size.

2. Attach the plywood to the existing column/wall using a nail gun. Don’t worry about the exposed, unfinished edges — they will be covered by the poplar trim.

3. Two pieces of poplar trim will be used to cover the corners. Cut the vertical pieces to the correct length, cut one side of the length at a 45-degree angle (where the two pieces will meet at the corner). Miter cut the width at the tops and bottoms of each piece so they will meet the horizontal piece at a 45-degree angle.



4. On the two sides you’ve just cut, run a bead of glue down one of the cut edges and put them together, securing with a nail gun. Use the T-square to make sure your corners are square as you nail.

5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 three more times until you have built all four corners.

6. Attach the corners to the plywood using wood glue and a nail gun.



7. Cut the horizontal trim pieces for the top and bottom of the column. Cut at the opposite 45-degree angle of the vertical pieces so that the pieces will fit together tightly. Fasten with glue and nails.

8. Fill in any gaps and nail holes then stain as desired.

9. If necessary, wrap baseboard around the column’s base.

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