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Cosmic Nursery Makeover

See how a baby's room was redecorated in an adorable outer-space theme with comfortable, stylish accents that the parents can also enjoy.

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Photo: Bethany Nauert

New Baby, New Nursery

A nursery is one of the most fun rooms to decorate because the only limit in creativity is your own imagination. Babies are a blast and so are nurseries with a cosmic touch.

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Before, this room was pretty much a soft, beige box.  Homeowners placed the crib over a large stain in the carpet from the previous owner, and there was clutter running along the floor - with no organization to help sort it all out.
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Photo: Mondrian Correa

Blank Slate Beige

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Photo: Bethany Nauert

Earn Your Stripes

When painters’ tape was applied, the original paint color of the room became the slim pinstripes in the new color scheme.

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Photo: Bethany Nauert

Three's Company

Three bands of color make for a serene and soothing space for baby.  By incorporating the original color, and adding shades of light green, and a bright white – a calming color palette in this space can grow with baby over time. Tip: bright white paint on the ceiling and top third of the wall makes this room seem taller than it is.

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