8 Cool Products From Contemporary Artists

The Museum of Modern Art Design Store features a host of artist-inspired items that are the ultimate in affordable art.

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Photo By: MoMA Design Store

Photo By: MoMA Design Store

Photo By: MoMA Design Store

Photo By: MoMA Design Store

Photo By: MoMA Design Store

Photo By: MoMA Design Store

Photo By: MoMA Design Store

Photo By: MoMA Design Store

Photo By: MoMA Design Store

Photo By: MoMA Design Store

Art Is the Spice of Life

Pop artist Andy Warhol imprinted 20th century art with his unique artworks and his fascinating silver-haired persona. While you may never be able to afford a real Warhol, why not show your love of this essential American artist with these cute ceramic salt and pepper shakers inspired by Warhol's famous Campbell's Soup Cans? BUY IT: $125

Notable Tote

Influential conceptual artist Louise Bourgeois's 1999 lithograph "Art Is a Guarantee of Sanity" is the inspiration for this cotton canvas tote. BUY IT: $35

In the Bag

Even if you haven't yet seen Yayoi Kusama's museum exhibition Infinity Mirrors touring major American art museums (Atlanta's High Museum is its next stop November 18, 2018), you undoubtedly know of Kusama's heralded work from Instagram and Pinterest. The 89-year-old Japanese artist is known for her polka dot patterned sculptures and installations which inspired this cute leather change purse, your chance to own something from one of the most important living Japanese artists. BUY IT: $100

Tiny House

Known for his artistic meditations on Africa and the West, artist Yinka Shonibare created this dollhouse to comment upon his dual identity. Shonibare was born in England but lived for much of his youth in Nigeria. This dollhouse is a replica of the 1872 Victorian town house where Shonibare now lives in the East End of London. BUY IT: $450

Rich Interior Life

British-African artist Yinka Shonibare decorated the interior of his Victorian dollhouse with Dutch wax print cloth and used furniture in various woods and styles. The decor of the house comments upon Shonibare's dual identity as an African and Brit. Along with reproductions of paintings by Shonibare and French artist Jean-Honoré Fragonard, the two-story dollhouse also includes cabinets, chairs, tables, fireplaces and a canopy bed.

Clean Your Plate!

Cheeky visual artist Vik Muniz often creates artwork out of unexpected materials: trash, chocolate, dust, sugar and in the case of his Medusa Plate, pasta marinara. This "Untitled" ceramic plate is based on one of Muniz's photographs which recreates Italian artist Caravaggio's "Medusa." Have some fun by using this as a serving plate that will reveal its image once the food is removed! BUY IT: $250

Swank Blank

Artist Jim Hodges' double-sided blanket features a poem written by the artist, "If there had been a pool it would have reflected us." Use it as an artsy wall hanging or to bring some high art finesse to your bed. BUY IT: $100

Basquiat Boards

One of the most influential street-artists turned fine artists in art history, Jean-Michel Basquait imprinted contemporary art with his iconic word play and memorable figures. These three Canadian maple wood skate decks based on a 1981 Basquiat work "Untitled - Skull," were made in collaboration between the Skateroom and the Estate of Jean-Michel Basquiat. Wheels and trucks are not included. BUY IT: $550

Phone Float

Noted conceptual photographer (and avid swimmer) Cindy Sherman is known for photographic self-portraits in which the artist assumes other identities and personas. Her "Oops Phone Pool Float" features an enlarged selfie taken by Sherman. MoMA Design Store says it can be used as a functional pool float or as a "sculptural object." Your choice. BUY IT: $250

The Back End

Artist Cindy Sherman's tongue-in-cheek pool float resembles a cell phone and is an homage to selfie culture. This and a variety of other artist-made or artist-inspired goods are available online and in New York City at the design fan's Shangri-La, the MoMA Design Store.

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