Creating Classic, Country-Style Curb Appeal

From fencing materials to porch accessories, here are 10 ways a couple added classic country style to their mountaintop cabin in Ellijay, Ga.

Photo By: © Rustic White Photography, LLC

Photo By: © Rustic White Photography, LLC

Photo By: © Rustic White Photography, LLC

Photo By: © Rustic White Photography, LLC

High in the Hills

Sitting high atop the Blue Ridge Mountains, this charming country cabin is packed with fun touches that add character and rustic style.

Sheds and Bunkies

Many country houses have small structures on the property that house yard equipment or serve as an extra sleeping spot for guests. To keep the main house and supporting structures cohesive and unified, it's best to paint or stain them in the same colors. Even though the supporting structure is years newer than the main house, the consistent use of color gives the impression that both structures were built together.

Easy Angles

Houses situated in the country often have sprawling green space that requires hefty landscaping tools and equipment. Ramps make wheeling these items in and out of sheds easy. Although this is a project left to the professionals, adding a ramp often involves little cost and can be a major timesaver for homeowners who do a lot of yardwork.

Rich, Rustic Finish

Dark cabin exteriors have become increasingly popular over the past two decades. This is a much different approach to classic cabin exteriors that are often kept in their natural wood state. If you're considering a darkly stained or painted exterior, black-brown is an excellent option. It helps highlight the clean, graphic lines of the house, allowing it to stand out and contrast well against the surrounding landscape.

Classic Door Color

Barn red is the most iconic accent color used for country houses. Known for brown undertones, this color can make a large impact when used as an accent color on doors or trim.


When you think of country houses in the south, it's likely you'll also picture front porches, rocking chairs and lemonade. Porches are part of country living since they offer a shaded outdoor space to escape and take in the scenery without becoming too hot from the sun. The only maintenance most covered porches require is the proper staining, painting and sealing of deck boards. This is something homeowners should anticipate updating every two to three years. By lightly sanding and resealing the wood planks, you’ll extend the life of the deck by decades.


Porches seen from the street shouldn't be decorated with small items, as they'll just look like clutter from a distance. Instead, graphic objects with rustic charm such as resin antlers are a perfect fit for country porches since they read just as well from far away as they do close up.

Country Fences

Many country fences are more decorative than they are practical. This popular style of fencing is made from roughly sawn pine and requires restraining and sealing approximately every two years.

Pea Gravel Driveway

While most homes in the city have driveways made from concrete, cement or brick, country houses take the less structured approach and call for gravel. Aside from adding a casual, laid-back look to the house, pea gravel driveways are a major help during the winter months.

Property Name

It's common for country house owners, similar to farmers, to give their homes names. Many times the names are prominently displayed on fences or gates and are just as visible to passersby as house numbers.

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