Charleston-Style Homes

Tour the grandeur of the antebellum South by examining the iconic Greek revival and neoclassical architecture found in Charleston, S.C.
By: Angela Ringo

Symmetrical Beauty

Antebellum architecture exhibits a symmetrical shape accented with a centered entrance in the front and back of the house. Doric columns, borrowed from Greek architecture, add an eye-pleasing look to the exterior.

Neoclassical Architecture

The Boone Hall Plantation exemplifies Greek revival style architecture prevalently found in Charleston, S.C. This neoclassical design features grand columns and an expansive covered porch, which is perfect for keeping cool during hot summer months. Photo courtesy of Boone Hall Plantation

A Charming Balcony

A wraparound balcony exudes Southern grandeur and offers a place to keep cool during hot summer months. A rocking chair or cafe table on the porch or balcony can add a charming, welcoming look. Photo by Scott Oldham

A Grand Entrance

A sweeping staircase leads up to this antebellum beauty, complete with a wooden wraparound balcony and lathe-turned balustrades. Two pairs of classic Ionic columns, topped with a horizontal transom, frame the door to focus the eye toward the center of the house.

Elegant Exterior

A rich brick facade and contrasting yellow trim make this plantation estate a visual treat. Designed in Georgian style, this house features a hipped roof and dentil moldings that surround the entire building.

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