Brighten up the Room by Installing French Doors

Open up a room to the outside and bring light inside by installing new French doors.


Adding French doors gives the homeowners better access to the backyard and brings more light into the house.

Adding French doors gives the homeowners better access to the backyard and brings more light into the house.

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Materials and Tools:

pre-manufactured French doors
utility knife
rotating saw
drill gun
nail gun


1. Once you have chosen the location for the French doors inside your home, use a utility knife to score the wall with the outline of the French doors. It may take a few passes, but eventually you will be able to cut through the drywall.

2. Once you've checked to make sure that you won't interfere with any utility lines, you can begin to remove the drywall by using a small sledgehammer to pound through the drywall. Be sure not to hit any studs.

3. Rig up a temporary support for the wall by nailing together 2x4s that will reach to the ceiling. One board should lie across the ceiling with two support legs reaching to the ground.

4. Now it's time to remove the outside wall. Sketch the dimensions of the French doors on the exterior wall. Then use a circular saw to cut through. Depending on the exterior finish of your wall, you may need a different blade.

5. Now the fun part: Kick out the rest of the wall until you are only left with studs. Use a reciprocating saw to remove the remaining studs.

6. Now it's time for the jack studs — the studs that will be placed at either end of the header. Hammer the studs into the sides of the opening, and secure them by drilling screws into the remaining wood.

7. The final step is to place the French doors. Use a nail gun to secure them to the jack studs. You may need to finish the surface around the newly installed doors.

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