High-Low Tricks + Happy Hues Bring Life to This Cottage Laundry Room

A clever use of textiles, high-low tricks and bold colors creates a laundry room that makes washing and folding fun. (Yes, you read that right!)
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January 28, 2016

Small But Bold

This 6' x 8' laundry room is the happiest spot in the house thanks to turquoise paint, a technicolor area rug and a hand-woven bath mat used as art. When decorating task-related spaces, it’s smart to get creative with decorating ideas that require little cost but add big impact.

Folding Station

To create a folding station with little cost or effort, a wall shelf was added three feet below the ready-made wall cabinet, along with a hanging rod attached below it. The shelf space can be used to fold towels and clothes while the space below it houses shirts and pants on hangers which need to air dry.

Wooden Hangers

Investing in wooden hangers will help add a cohesive look to any hanging space while also helping maintain the structural integrity of clothes.

Concealed Storage

Concealed storage was added to the laundry room affordably and easily with a basic, ready-made wall cabinet installed near the entry. By adding cabinetry to the space, clutterables like detergent, fabric softener and bleach are kept within arm’s reach yet out of view.

Luxe Linens

A modest laundry room is transformed into a high-energy, happy place thanks to bold color and a clever use of textiles.

Lost + Found Bag

A tote is kept on the door for any misplaced socks, gloves or jewelry pieces which may get lost in or reappear in the washer and dryer.

Rolling Basket

Bring a vintage industrial style to your laundry room by using rolling wire baskets in place of basic plastic bins. Should the basket be filled with heavier items, it can easily be rolled back and forth between rooms thanks to its attached casters.

High-Traffic Rug

The turquoise used on the laundry room walls was taken from a multicolored fractured stripe area rug that grounds the space and adds contrast. Bold rugs are an excellent way to transform small spaces without any need for messy DIY. In larger spaces, this idea can be adapted by laying several rugs out, side by side, creating the look of a large, custom rug or wall to wall carpet.

Unconventional Art

While it doesn’t make much sense to splurge on art for a small-task space like a laundry room, you can still create a unique focal point with the clever repurposing of textiles. To add roundness to the otherwise boxy space, a woven fabric welcome mat was hung as folk art.

Budget Ideas

In order for a rug to tack up easily to a wall for use as art, its back must be backed with fabric, rubber or acrylic. Without a backing, rugs will droop and sag, and the intended effect may end up looking messy.

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