The Best Home Style For You According to Your Zodiac Sign

Is your star-sign-compatible home a Tudor or a Cottage? Or maybe it's a Craftsman? Your home horoscope awaits!


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Aries: Cottage

Aries, your bright cottage will have the prettiest curb appeal on the block — you’ll make sure of it! Bonus: It’s hard to be bored when you’re making your home the best ... *ahem* ... we mean as picturesque as possible.

More Aries-compatible styles: Ranch, Tudor, Pueblo

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Taurus: Farmhouse

Shiplap, a wraparound porch and lots of fresh air! Taurus, you need a home as strong and dependable as you are. An inviting exterior will draw you in, but that cozy, homey farmhouse stability will make you stay.

More Taurus-compatible styles: Cabin, Tiny Home, Shotgun Home

Gemini: Craftsman

Inviting and bright, Craftsman homes reflect the best qualities of charismatic Gemini. You’ll thrive amidst exposed beams, natural materials and low-pitched ceilings. And, a sturdy Craftsman is the perfect palette for your active imagination.

More Gemini-compatible styles: Midcentury Modern, Bungalow, Dutch Colonial

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Cancer: Beach Bungalow

Breath in that salty sea air, Cancer crab. Your beach bungalow is the perfect place to relax, unwind and connect with your emotional side. Plus, a waterfront property lends inspiration to your artistic talents.

More Cancer-compatible styles: Coastal Cottage, Mediterranean, Cape Cod

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Leo: Italianate Mansion

Leo, you love to show off, and your Italianate-style home’s columned entryway and decorative exterior will attract plenty of compliments. But once your guests step inside, entertain them with the riveting conversation and attention you know they love.

More Leo-compatible styles: Victorian, Neoclassical, Greek Revival

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Virgo: Colonial

A lover of all things orderly, you need a haven that lends itself to your analytical personality, and there’s nothing more satisfying than keeping your Colonial organized and dust-free. Oh, and Virgo, don’t be surprised if you catch yourself gazing at the outside of your symmetrical home with quiet satisfaction from time-to-time — it’s only natural!

More Virgo-compatible styles: A-Line, Federal Colonial, Tudor Revival

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Libra: Tudor Revival

Tudors’ steep roofing and half-timber framing make them great in all types of weather — just like fair-minded Libra. You’ll settle right into your charming home!

More Libra-compatible styles: Modern, Ranch, Oriental

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Scorpio: Victorian

Complex and intimidating on the outside, but cozy, warm and homey on the inside, you’ll reign supreme from your expansive Victorian, Scorpio. Remember to show visitors some love as soon as they step inside.

More Scorpio-compatible styles: Georgian, Greek Revival, Spanish Colonial Revival

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Sagittarius: Cape Cod

Sag, you say what’s on your mind! And a no-nonsense Cape Cod complete with its adorable dormers and Cedar shingles — is just as stylish and straightforward as you are. Tap into your adventurous side while decorating, and when you're done, you'll have a picturesque place to recharge.

More Sag-compatible styles: Bungalow, Mediterranean, Cottage

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Capricorn: Georgian

Always the ambitious one, presentation matters to you, Cap, which is why a practical yet stunning Georgian is right on the money (no pun intended). You thrive on hard work, but don’t spend too much time making the inside of your Georgian picture-perfect — your curated living room is there for a reason (read: to relax).

More Cap-compatible styles: Townhouse, Urban Row Home, Neoclassical

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Aquarius: Midcentury Modern

Aquarius, you’re a bit enigmatic — so you’ll love the asymmetrical, intricate design of your MCM. And, you’ll decorate it in a totally unconventional way that’ll wow your friends and family.

More Aquarius-compatible styles: Bungalows, Industrial Studio, Prairie

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Pisces: Mediterranean

Pisces, you’re romantic with a little bit of nostalgia for the past, so you’ll feel right at home under the red-tiled roofing of a Mediterranean. The villa-like, coastal qualities of your Med (beach colors and layers of natural textures) will totally awaken your creative side.

More Pisces-compatible styles: French Provincial, Beach Bungalow, Art Deco

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