Beer Lovers Gift Guide

Stumped on what to get the beer lover in your life this holiday season? We've got an array of gifts for every price range and every taste.

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Beer Jelly

Yes, you can have beer for breakfast! Slather it right on your toast with these delicious preserves handcrafted in Vermont. Craft beers are used to give the jellies a malty sweetness with hop profiles of different beer styles. The jellies make a great accompaniment to cheese platters, meat glazes, cocktails and salad dressings. They can also be used for baking (like peanut butter and porter muffins) or try a grown-up pb&j! $30 (set of four); UncommonGoods

Backpacker's Beer

Are you shopping for an avid backpacker who also happens to love beer? A backpacker is always concerned about weight and how to carry the least amount of it, which usually means beer is never going to end up in their backpack. Here's where Pat's comes in with their unique beer concentrate. Each package weighs an astonishing two ounces and can be made into a delicious glass of beer with not much more than a cup of water. $10 (four pack); Pat's Backcountry Beverages

BBQ Sauce

Few things go better together in this world than beer and barbecue, so why not combine the two into one delicious gift. This trio of sauces combines pale ale, pilsner and dark lager with flavors from three BBQ capitals of the world. Choose from tangy Carolina style, sweet and smoky Kansas City style or peppery Texas style. $30 (set of three); Williams and Sonoma

Beer Glasses

To the untrained taster, any glass will do, but a true aficionado knows that the shape of a glass will actually affect how you taste the beer. From the amount of foam it will allow at the top, to how much oxygen is mixed while taking a glug, each beer deserves its rightful glass. This set of six includes a classic pilsner, English pub, Belgian ale, craft pub, porter/stout and a wheat beer glass. It is sure to please the budding beer snob on your holiday shopping list. $24; Amazon

Beer Opener Flip-Flops

The weather is cooling down, and in certain parts of the country there may even be some snow on the ground, but don't let that stop you from dreaming of the warm summer days to come. These flip-flops from Reef are the perfect companion for a day at the beach or a tropical getaway. So what makes these a gift for the beer lover? Take a look at the bottom and you'll see the built-in bottle opener. $55; Reef

International Beer Tours

Take your beer-lover on the ultimate beer vacation. arranges tours to great places where beer is more than just a beverage, it's part of the history and culture. Discover the rich tradition of brewing in Belgium, tour an ale-making Trappist monastery, try fresh pils in Prague, or sing your heart out under an Oktoberfest tent in Munich. You can pick from one of BeerTrips' prearranged tours, or if you have your own group of 6–16, they’ll create a custom European or North American tour for you. Prices vary; BeerTrips


Nothing is more disappointing than a warm beer. Rather than sit around and wait for your beer to get cold, just pop one of these beer chillers in the bottle and enjoy. Dubbed the Corkcicle, this ingenious invention is stored in your freezer and will instantly make your bottled beer ice-cold without the wait and without having to water it down. $25 (two pack); Amazon

Beer Shirts

Most beer drinkers have a good sense of humor. Share a laugh with your beer buddy with one of these funny shirts:

Hopaholic: $15; Starstruck Industries

IPA: $19; Otzi Shirts

Namaste, Peace/Love/Beer, and Morehops Universtiy: $20/each; Brewershirts

Vacuum-Sealed Growler

Much more than your average growler, this ruggedly constructed stainless-steel vessel is built to last. Featuring a completely airtight cap and double-walled insulation, this growler will keep four pints of beer carbonated and cold for more than 24 hours. You can also buy an optional keg cap which turns this growler into the perfect camping accessory. $74; DrinkTanks

Beer Candies

The perfect stocking stuffer for the beer lover in your family. These candies play on the sweet notes found in your favorite brew and are delightfully delicious. Each bag comes with approximately 25 candies with a mixture of three different flavors; honey ale, hoppy IPA and the coffee-like roasty stout. $8; Swag Brewery

Beer:30 Socks

How about some stockings for a stocking? These socks will let everyone know what you'd rather be doing. Made from moisture-wicking micro-denier acrylic and spandex these socks are perfect for everything from cycling to lounging around after a long day. $7; Backcountry

Cheers Pendant Necklace

Wear a little cheer close to your heart with this adorable pendant that proclaims “prost”, the German word for cheers. The prost charm is also available as a key ring. Starting at $15; Etsy

Chillin' Beer Glasses

These freezable beer glasses ice the outside of your beverage, not the inside. They will cool your drink down to just above freezing and will keep it cool for up to two hours. The silicone base acts as a built-in coaster to prevent condensation from escaping and it also protects your hands from the chill. $35 (two 12-oz glasses); Rabbit

Beer of The Month Club

Give your beer-loving friend the gift of beer, on a monthly basis. There are a few different clubs you can join. You can get a monthly shipment of just U.S. hand-crafted beers, all international beers or a combination of the two. There is even a rare beer club that features limited-release or exclusive beers from around the world. Starting at $28; The Beer of the Month Club

Beer Sling Cooler

Is that a yoga mat on your back? Going fly fishing? Nope, it's a cleverly concealed, portable cooler. This insulated hemp sling pack holds a cold six pack of your favorite beverage for a backcountry adventure or trip to the park. The full-length zippered pouch is ideal for toting standard cans or tallboys, the adjustable shoulder strap ensures comfortable carrying, and the waterproof, seam-sealed lining contains condensation or spills. $22; UncommonGoods

All You Need to Know About Beer

This beer diagram explains the 16 distinct types of beer and their origin, then it breaks down even further into nearly 40 more subcategories. Each of the final beer-types is then marked with three examples of that beer, as well as an icon depicting the type of glass that the beer should be served in. Starting at $25 (varies by size); CrateStyle

Floating Cooler

Sometimes getting out of the pool to grab a beverage is just too much to ask, this is where the Big Bobber comes into play. This cooler can hold 12 cans and is perfect for long days at the pool or lounging at the beach, and best of all, it floats! $30 Bed Bath and Beyond

DIY Beer

A beer-making kit is the perfect gift for a friend if you also like beer. They'll likely share the finished product with you, but you won’t have to do any of the work (unless of course you offer to help). This kit includes all the basic equipment, ingredients and instructions for a single batch. The equipment can be reused to brew additional batches, just buy more ingredients. $45; William-Sonoma

Patio Table Cooler

This outdoor table is an eight-gallon cooler and a trendy cocktail table all in one. The handsome woven texture is made from a weather-resistant resin. The lid can be propped 10 inches above the rim for a small, handy table that makes it easy to grab an ice-cold beverage. $79; ATGStores

State Bottle Opener

Show your state pride with this beautifully handcrafted wooden bottle opener. This functional piece of wall art does more than just look good, it also opens up your favorite bottled beverage. Each one is made to order so you can customize the color and stain to make sure it fits right in with your decor. $26; Grace Graffiti

Cup Caddy for Kegs

Make life easy for your party guests by strapping the cups onto the keg. The Keg Buddy cup sleeve is made of waterproof canvas and easily clips directly on to a keg or cooler. It holds up to 50 18-oz plastic cups. Use the sleeve as storage so you will be ready for a party at a moment’s notice. $14; KegWorks

Yeti Cooler

In the past five years, Yetis have become synonymous with quality. People will even call them by name rather than saying cooler. "Grab me a beer from the Yeti" is often heard around many a campfire. Yes, they are pricey, but they're also a lifetime investment. They are built to stand up to anything, even a grizzly bear (they actually tested that). This model can hold up to 28 cans of beer and keep them ice cold even in the dead of summer. $350 for the Tundra45; Yeti

Das Boot

With its playful shape and generous size, this novelty glass makes an ideal gift for the beer lover on your list. $20 (36-oz vessel); Amazon

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