A Magical Moroccan Boutique Hotel Filled With Global Design Ideas

A lifestyle blogger and an architect have created a stunning boutique hotel in an olive grove on the outskirts of Marrakech. Take a tour.

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Photo By: Maryam Montague

Photo By: Maryam Montague

Photo By: Maryam Montague

Photo By: Maryam Montague

Photo By: Maryam Montague

Photo By: Maryam Montague

Photo By: Maryam Montague

Photo By: Maryam Montague

Photo By: Maryam Montague

Photo By: Maryam Montague

Photo By: Maryam Montague

Photo By: Maryam Montague

Sophisticated Getaway

From the moment guests pass through the gated entryway and make their way up the gravel path to the main house at Peacock Pavilions, a boutique hotel and yoga retreat just outside the Moroccan city of Marrakech, they are transported to the magical world of lifestyle blogger Maryam Montague. It all begins with the main room. Like every room at Peacock Pavilions, this expansive living room is filled with wonders from all corners of the globe. The white walls are the perfect backdrop for Montague’s colorful collection which mixes modern furnishings with antique and modern pieces from Morocco, China and India. The arched doorway on the far left leads to the hotel’s own souk, a small but stunning shop that displays a selection of good curated by Montague to support her non-profit organization, Project Soar.

Lifestyle Guru Maryam Montague

Once upon a time a woman and her husband stood in an olive grove in Marrakech dreaming of the future. She was a lifestyle blogger with a background in international humanitarian aide and he was an architect. Together they would turn that olive grove into an oasis, her blog into a brand and a hotel into the basis for an outreach program to provide opportunities to girls around the world. This may sound like the world’s most modern fairy tale, and maybe it is. It’s also the story of Maryam Montague, writer of the acclaimed blog My Marrakech and the owner of Peacock Pavilions, an erstwhile olive grove turned boutique-style yoga retreat that is also the owner’s home.

Modern Poolscape in an Ancient Landscape

Through the main parlor, the Peacock Pavilion grounds open up into an amazing vista dominated by the pool at its center. Vestiges of the former olive grove are still in evidence as trees ring the lounge areas around the pool. At the far end of the pool is a lounge area —complete with Jacuzzi—that is perfect for afternoons spent sipping mint tea.

Entrance to Another World

The entrance to the boutique hotel Peacock Pavilions, comes at the end of winding stone paths though grassy fields. The collection of beautifully designed pavilions, lavish spaces that boast courtyards and exteriors that are beautifully suited for the area, lie just a few miles outside of Marrakech. The arched doorways and windows are lovely, making sure that the rooms inside each pavilion benefit from the bright Morocco sun.

Design Crossroads

White walls and high ceilings accented by arched entryways set the stage for a multi-layered design moment. The seating is the star in this space with two side chairs upholstered with handira—traditional Moroccan wedding blankets. Behind them a beaded Yoruba Chair showcases a colorful pattern. On the sofa, an Indian Kantha quilt covers the seat cushions accented by Indian block-print pillows. Add to that an ornately carved wooden coffee table, a beautifully decorated fireplace mantel and loads of art and accessories, and you have a perfectly designed desert oasis.

Eclectic Salon

In keeping with the natural color palette of the desert environment, this corner of the main salon hides a wet bar featuring hand carved wood. Turning what could be an ordinary and purely functional part of the room into a design feature is a selection of art and accessories that ranges from black and white photographs to charcoal drawings, along with a selection of bones, statues and jewelry. Together they help to complement the desert motif and the salon's world-traveling vibe.

International Inspiration

Montague's talent for mixing global pieces is on full display throughout Peacock Pavilions. In the main salon, a deep orange sofa invites guests to relax. A whimsical mix of fabric upholstery brightens the space even further. Statement pieces, including a stunning brass mirror, and carved statues catch the eye, in what is a truly eclectic seating area.

Mixed Metals

For serious drama, nothing creates more impact than high-contrast gold on black. "I'm crazy for metallics paired with black for jaw-dropping sex appeal," says Maryam Montague, owner of boutique hotel Peacock Pavilions in Marrakech. This hand-painted mural wall uses three different types of metallic paint to give the design more depth.

Window on the World

The distinctive Moroccan light streams into this beautifully decorated hallway. A massive suzani textile hung as wall art provides all of the color and pattern this entryway needs, paired with the intricate geometric web traced by the shadows that the window design casts on the floor.

Sleep Under the Stars

This bedroom is a fantasy world all its own. A mural of celestial horses running across an expanse of stars sets the stage for this room, an ethereal accompaniment to the rough, earthy tiled floors. The room also plays with a mix of modern and traditional elements between the furniture and accessories, making this room feel more like an oasis.

Exotic Dining Space

The dining room is a study in eclectic minimalism. A beautifully carved wooden door is reclaimed to find new life as the tabletop, overlaid with glass. The bright colors of the artwork, lanterns and bowls add to the energetic color palette.

Golden Age

Brass Moroccan lanterns add a glow to this guest bedroom that’s designed in shades of black and white. A golden mural adds a magical touch to the space, designed to be a romantic respite for couples. The color palette is further grounded by handwoven Moroccan rugs, featuring the popular diamond motif.

Stunning Gallery Wall

Gallery walls are always an eye-catching design feature, but this one takes it a step further, adding a dash of history to its colorful display. Le Petit Journal was a Parisian daily newspaper published during the French occupation of Morocco. Each of the beautifully hand-drawn cover illustrations is a work of art in its own right. Taken together, they present not only a colorful wall feature, but a snapshot of the history that shaped Morocco.

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