A Halloween Home Tour

Ever wonder what it would be like to live in a home decorated with coffins and its own cemetery? Bryan and Dusty Schoening have made the macabre their decorating theme of choice. At Coffinwood, their home, it's Halloween every day.

Bryan and Dusty Schoening are entrepreneurs with a sense of humor. The creative minds behind Coffin It Up, they run a website that sells custom-made coffins of all shapes, sizes and purposes: coffin-shaped luggage, jewelry, end tables, bookcases, medicine cabinets — and yes, they even build coffins for human and pet burial.

This ghastly figure is actually a birdbath. Located in the cemetery that is Coffinwood's front yard, he keeps silent watch over the house.

Bryan custom-built the coffin-shaped gazebo in roughly a week without the help of a kit or plans. The couple holds several weddings here each year, mainly around Halloween.

This skeletal fellow is one of the home's two guardians, Liam and Kayne. Concealed within one of the eight coffin-shaped pillars on the front porch of the home, he stands guard 24/7, 365 days a year.

Created for a client who wanted something different after a fire destroyed her home, this coffin-themed kitchen makeover took approximately four months and each element was custom designed and built by Bryan. The spider-web corbels surrounding the plate rack are hand-carved.

This coffin kitchen features rustic maple cabinets with a natural stained finish. The countertops are black galaxy granite.

Adding to the kitchen island's grave appeal are authentic silver coffin handles. The island's distinctive shape creates a handy work surface and pass-through from the kitchen to the adjacent dining room.

No space was wasted in designing the kitchen. Coffin-shaped cabinets and drawers create many clever niches for hidden storage. To see more of Bryan and Dusty's handiwork, visit their website Coffin It Up.

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