Tour a Fashion-Forward Brooklyn Home

Stylist, editor and creative director Kelley Carter brings her good taste home with her.

By: Jeanine Hays

Photo By: Genevieve Garruppo

Photo By: Genevieve Garruppo

Photo By: Genevieve Garruppo

Photo By: Genevieve Garruppo

Photo By: Genevieve Garruppo

Photo By: Genevieve Garruppo

Photo By: Genevieve Garruppo

Photo By: Genevieve Garruppo

Photo By: Genevieve Garruppo

Photo By: Genevieve Garruppo

Photo By: Genevieve Garruppo

Bold Design

In past lives stylist, editor and creative director Kelley Carter has been a home decor editor eyeing the latest design trends, a fashion editor perusing the scene at New York Fashion Week and has even assisted Oprah in curating her favorite things. There is no doubt that Carter knows style, and she brings an abundance of it to her home in Brooklyn, N.Y. Her small railroad-style apartment has benefited from Kelley's creative mind. A mix of vibrant textiles, customized pieces and rare art make this Brooklyn apartment a stunning space full of well-curated design ideas.

Textured Elements

Kelley is a proponent of breaking the rules and opted to paint her apartment a cool, off-black shade. The color absolutely works as a strong backdrop for the myriad of beautiful elements that she has brought home. In the dining room, a beautifully textured "Porcupine Quill" mirror from Horchow pops against the dark black wall. The hand-painted piece has a sculptural quality, as do many of the pieces that Kelley has in her home.

Global Accents

The dining room was designed by Kelley herself. A wooden bench was installed, neatly dividing the living and dining area. Upholstered cushions were placed to create a dining nook centered around a Saarinen-style table. The cushions add a colorful display to the dining area. Kelley upholstered them and the bench cushions in fabric from a collaboration between SUNO and KNOLL. The upholstery-grade pieces were inspired by traditional fabrics in Kenya, India and beyond.

A Well-Designed Entrance

Go through French doors and you'll enter the bedroom. The off-black wall color continues. A similar shade is Wrought Iron from Aphrochic Interior Paint. Inside the bedroom is another built-in designed by Kelley. A shelving unit divides the home office from the bed. The shelving offers an abundance of storage for Kelley's collected pieces. Below, drawers have been installed as additional storage for clothing and accessories.

Art On Display

The living room is divided by the built-in bench that Kelley designed. The upholstered bench provides adequate seating for when friends and family come to visit. The wall showcases a gallery of some of Kelley's favorite pieces. The Loves Neon Light from CB2 adds a glow to the gallery wall. It sits next to one of her favorite pieces, "Karl Legofeld."

Well-Traveled Accents

An avid traveler, Kelley is one for picking up pieces discovered on a trip. In the bedroom, a mask discovered during her travels is displayed among her favorite fashion accessories, including jewelry and a blue feather headband.

Open Shelving

Kelley loves fashion, and the built-in unit is a great way to display some of her favorite pieces. Jewelry, like necklaces and bangles, are easy to see and grab from a display piece on the shelf. Below, shoes and boots can be seen and easily matched to any outfit when they're out in the open. For a little bit of personal style, Kelley has incorporated some pieces she made herself on the shelf: glass figurines made at a glass-blowing class she's been taking.

Pattern Obsession

The bedroom is all about the mix. The mix of fresh patterns and colorful textiles creates a cozy, comfortable and beautiful place to sit back and relax. A headboard was installed using leftover yardage from a project. The close-knit chevron pattern creates an unexpected headboard for the bed. The black-and-white pattern is a complement to the black-and-white knit pillow that Kelley likes to cozy up to. At the foot of the bed, Kelley has incorporated a textile from her travels. Fabric from the Philippines adds a vibrant display to the bed. The patterned textile is filled with meaning, a reflection of Kelley's own Filipino heritage.

Modern Design

Kelley has made every room in this home work, with no space left unused or unoccupied. In the bedroom, a home office has been carved out. A writer and editor who works from home, the office was a necessary space. Kelley made it her own with a custom piece that makes a stylish statement. The desk was a design done in collaboration with a friend. Powder-coated in hot pink, the thin modern legs are a beautiful touch. The additional furnishings create a mix of genres, with a Louis XIV chair and a gold baroque mirror that hangs above the ultra-modern desk.

Industrial Mix

Kelley opted for painting the desk a vibrant hot pink. The shade really pops against an industrial brick wall in the bedroom. To finish the piece, black paint was added to the glass top. The desk is accessorized with favorite pieces for organization and some priceless works of art. The ceramic ashtray is by the father of the Japanese Neo-Pop movement, Yoshitomo Nara.

Collections on Display

A variety of favorite pieces are also on display in Kelley's bedroom. A collection of sunglasses is placed to look like pieces of art on an oversized purple tray. Favorite perfumes and bottles also make for an artful display in the bedroom.

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