A Crisp, Clean Home Makeover

Nearly walled off from the dining room, the dark and dysfunctional kitchen was isolated from the living area. Check out this makeover by makeup artist Billy B. to get ideas on how to upgrade your home from dreary to refreshing.

Before: Old-Fashioned Kitchen

This dreary kitchen is in need of a major makeover. The appliances are outdated, and the scarce, old-fashioned cabinets don't allow for much storage. The white walls and cabinetry clash against the dark countertops.

After: Contemporary Open Shelving

Additional cabinetry and extended, open shelving fill the kitchen for more storage space. The beadboard wall is a simple, inexpensive way to give the kitchen a clean, crisp look, and the new appliances and cabinet hardware take the space from outdated to contemporary.

After: Kitchen Island Upgrade

Adding work surface to the kitchen, a manufactured, unfinished base cabinet acts as a work island and is spruced up with sage-colored paint. The color from the island is carried through to the cabinet doors and beadboard walls for a soft yet striking look. New, contemporary tableware is displayed in open shelving, giving the kitchen an instant upgrade.

Before: Lacking Dimension

This living room's bare walls give no dimension to the space and make it unpleasant to be in. The patterned sofa crowds the area, making the space even more awkward.

After: Open and Refreshing

The soft wall color brightens the living room and adds a refreshing look. The side chairs allow for more space, and pairing them with the painted coffee table continues the relaxed feel of the room. Veneer hardwood is a great flooring alternative; it's durable and has the same look as real hardwood without the price. Adding a floor lamp and a few accessories completes the resilient look.

Before: Small, Cluttered Dining Area

The wall between the dining area and kitchen closes in both spaces, and the bold yellow wall color makes the space feel even smaller. The bare dining room table needs dinnerware so guests feel welcome.

After: Open Floor Plan

An open floor plan allows for more light and fluid movement between the dining and kitchen areas. Adding a refreshing color to the wall and spring-inspired tableware breathes new life into the space, making it a great area for entertaining guests.

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