A Country Kitchen Designed for a Cook

Small in stature but mighty in function, this country kitchen is equipped to entertain like a big city pro.

Country Chic

The quaint kitchen of Ron and Jane Bladon’s north Georgia mountain house is packed with traditional country charm. From its painted beadboard cabinets to the barn red coloring of the hardy engineered stone countertop, the kitchen fits their home’s architecture as well as their busy lifestyles.

Out of Sight Light

For adequate lighting above the eat-in kitchen counter, the Bladons chose a classic iron light fixture that fits the turn-of-the-century look seen throughout their mountain community. When choosing lighting for a country kitchen, stick with fixtures that are classic. In the future, if you decide to change colors or update other materials, there’s a good chance the lighting will still complement the design scheme.

Pro Tools

Homes way out in the country frequently experience power outages during inclement weather. As a result, many homeowners opt for gas appliances since they can continue to cook when the power goes out. Ron and Jane serve up culinary creations rain or shine thanks to a commercial-grade, stainless steel gas range.

Wood Works

Heavy wood detail, especially on ceilings and in stairwells, is commonly found in country homes. The ceiling of Ron and Jane’s kitchen is packed with architectural interest thanks to 3-inch-by-10-inch exposed wooden joists and tongue and groove planks.

Backsplash Plan

To position the blue-grey cabinets and barn red countertop as the kitchen’s focal points, the Bladons kept the backsplash neutral by leaving its wood plank sealed in its natural color.

Rustic Cupboards

Ron and Jane chose classic-style kitchen cabinet door fronts featuring a beadboard detail. For a splash of color, they had the door fronts painted in a neutral shade of blue-gray which also helps lighten the overall look of the space.

Barn Red Bling

As a nod to classic farmhouse style, the Bladons had a barn red stone countertop added to the kitchen. In addition to adding color, the countertop is durable enough to handle high-traffic use during dinner parties.

Block Party

Butcher block is commonly found in country kitchens either as a countertop surface or for the top of an island. Ron and Jane had a small portion of counter space topped with butcher block to create a designated spot for food preparation.

Breakfast Bar None

For an extra layer of country decor, the front of the breakfast bar was wrapped with classic wooden wainscoting and updated with the same blue-gray paint seen on the cabinets.

Step Right Up

To stay clear of trends, a pair of primitive hand-carved wooden stools was added to the breakfast bar. When choosing stools for your eat-in kitchen, keep in mind that counter stools are the best fit. Bar stools are slightly taller and are made to fit with bar-height counters.

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