9 Contemporary Containers

Take a break from those ceramic pots and opt for a planter with a modern update.

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Photo By: Image courtesy of Florafelt Vertical Garden Planter. PlantsOnWalls.com

Magnum by Rotoluxe

This planter has the tried-and-true shape that we’re all used to, but has a certain glow. Magnum is lightweight, yet sturdy enough for tall plants and comes in nine colors. It’s also made from recycled materials.

A Plant Chandelier

This pricey number from Bocci is a surreal fusion of small planters and a beautiful chandelier. Acting as both a decorative light and a sky garden, the 38 Series chandelier will keep you looking up! 38 Series chandelier at bocci.ca

In the Bag

Yes, these planters are made of clay, but they re-work the traditional material in a fresh way. The Terracotta “Paper” Planters cleverly reflect objects in our daily lives, in this case, a shopping bag! Terracotta Paper planters at romiceramics.com

Sky Planter

The Sky Planter turns your plants into gravity-defying masterpieces. Not only does it save space, but it also conserves water. It doesn’t get any better than that!

Aquaponics Option

Aquaponics is an centuries-old technique that is getting a renewed interest, especially among urban gardeners. The Aspen AquaGrow system is a plastic planter that you can use to grow vegetables and fish at home. The fish waste feeds the plants while the plants filter the water for the fish.

Recycled Cylinder

A recycled glass wine bottle is the foundation of this desktop terrarium. The kit also includes various mosses, bamboo chopstick planting "tools" and growing medium.

Go Big in the Garden

Nothing brings drama to the garden, patio or porch like the addition of a big pot planted up with a variety of spillers, thrillers and fillers. At up to 28 inches wide, the black Milano planter from Bloem, made of 75% recycled materials, offers room for both a focal point plant and a variety of plant filler that can be changed out with the season.

Cool Container

The dainty legs on this dish evoke great midcentury modern design but revved up for the 21st century. Made from upcycled metal and in a range of bright colors, use this dish for displaying your garden veggies or to create a mini-air plant habitat.

Florafelt Vertical Garden Planter

These hand-made planters from Plants on Walls are made from recycled plastic bottles and provide a safe growing environment that is pH neutral, non-reactive and designed for equal water distribution.

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