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12 New Lifestyle Trends You Will See in 2023

These design and lifestyle trends will dominate in 2023. From foodways to color hues, check out how our homes and daily lives will continue to transition in the new year.

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2023 Lifestyle Trends

These 12 lifestyle trends are sure to dominate design and culture in 2023.

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Photo: Justin Colt

Broken Plan Designs

Broken plan homes use physical barriers like screens, sliding walls and bookcases, and they also use visual cues like changes in flooring to make spaces work harder for the homeowners needs.

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Photo: Tori Aston. From: Carla Aston.

Accessible Designs

Creating products and homes that are accessible for people who struggle with mobility will be a major trend in the coming years, as we see the importance of designing spaces that adapt to all needs.

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Photo: Jenna Bascom Photography LLC

Latin & South American Influences

With their bold colorways and collectivist spirit, this region is influential when it comes to wellness and lifestyle trends.

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