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2023 Design Trend: Metaworld — Where VR Comes to Life

A whole new world is being created in the digital realm, and we are seeing these changes trickle down to real life. In home furnishings, accessories and travel, consumers are reimaging what is possible in VR and IRL.

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2023 Design Trend: Metaworld

A whole new world is being created in the digital realm that is now trickling down to us IRL. As VR evolves, we are seeing an increase in these trends taking hold in our everyday lives.

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Photo: Robert Peterson; Rustic White Photography. From: Tiffany Brooks.

Game Rooms

With the rise in gaming, game rooms will be an absolute necessity in home design this year. Creating a space that is made specifically for gaming, using cushy furnishings and mood lighting, will make your home trend-forward.

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Photo: Tremendous Entertainment. From: HGTV Handmade.

Neon Hues

This bright and vibrant hue will be seen as an accent in many places but especially in home interiors. From light fixtures to pictures frames, add this vibrant color to bring in just the right amount of excitement to your space.

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Cartoon-Style Accessories

Playful cartoon-style furniture and accessories add a fun and animated look to the home.

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