21 Signs You're Addicted to Boho

Macrame, kilim rugs and plants for days? Check. Vintage textiles, too many throw pillows to count and a Google alert for Justina Blakeney, aka the boho queen? Check. If this sounds like you, newsflash: you just might be a boho addict. We laid out 21 signs that you're totally and completely hooked on bohemian style, how boho are you?

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1: You need an entire closet to store your extra wall hangings.

2: You spend more money on plants than you do on groceries.

3: Vintage furniture and decor is totally your jam.

4: You have a saved ebay search for '70s macrames.

5: You believe with all your heart that dream catchers actually work.

6: Most things in your home are made of wicker … or rattan. Ok, actually ALL things are.

7: You pretty much shop exclusively at Free People.

8: And you don’t own any coats … only ponchos.

9: Speaking of coats, you decided to use your coat rack for — guess what? Yep, more plant storage.

10: You have portraits all over your house (that you got from the flea market) of people you don't know.

11: Most of your light fixtures are made out of shells.

12: As far as you're concerned, boho belongs in every room of your house. Including the bathroom.

13: When someone asks your favorite color, you just show them this picture.

14: Zoe Kravitz's character Bonnie's boho-tastic house on “Big Little Lies” was totally your fave.

15: Tassels and fringe are your spirit animals. Oh yeah ... and pom poms too.

16: Hanging a hammock inside your house doesn't seem even a little bit weird to you.

17: Just like with your kids, you refuse to choose a fave throw pillow. You love them ALL equally.

18: How many Moroccan rugs are too many Moroccan rugs? You don't know the answer to that question, and you don't want to find out.

19: You spent $100 on a dog bed, because you needed it to match all of your boho floor poufs.

20: You have so many vintage textiles on your couch, you can't really see your couch anymore. And you don't really care TBH.

21: You’ve seriously considered ordering a vanity license plate that says “boho babe.”

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