20 Homes Made Prettier (+ Healthier) With Houseplants

Fact: clean air and natural beauty will always be in style.

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February 22, 2018
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Photo By: Design 4 Corners

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Palm Perfection

This unique, greenhouse-esque home was inspired by the homeowners’ love for plants. High-pitched ceilings couple with wall-to-wall windows to welcome sunshine, making it the an environment for a statement-making palm tree.

When Life Hands You Lemon Trees...

Stick 'em in a chic set of chinoiserie pots, and watch them grow. The duo pictured here frame an ultra-elegant sofa to create a fresh, inviting sitting area for this upstairs landing. Do the same, and use the fruit to infuse water and add zest to your signature chicken piccata.

Sunken Sofa, Boosted Mood

Sinking into the sofa at the end of a long day feels great. Sinking into a sofa surrounded by a built-in indoor garden? Now that feels exceptional. The lush, indoor landscaping creates a high-end look with an abundance of leafy greens, sure to brighten any mood.

Breathe Easy

Fiddle leaf figs are interior design mainstays. Hop on the bandwagon without feeling like a cop-out because these fresh, fashionable plants are said to improve air quality in homes, too.

Healing Aloe Vera

A single aloe vera plant packs a stylish punch in this modern, minimalist bathroom. Even better? Aloe vera is known for its magical healing powers for the skin, and it’s low-maintenance, to boot.

Saturate the Space

This gorgeous design gives new meaning to going green. Use houseplants to saturate your space with this cool, refreshing color to promote energy and clarity. The two leafy houseplants seen here are placed at either end of the velvet sofa and pull the natural hue out to the edges of the space.

Green Grouping

This sunny space serves as part-time dining room and part-time interior garden with a trio of succulents dangling from above the window. Love the look? For those of you still searching for your green thumbs (you know who you are!), jade is one succulent that is easy to maintain and easy on the eyes.

Bathing Beauties

Garden windows aren't just for the kitchen. They can bring life to your bedroom too. Wake up well rested, and feel energized by creating a garden window just steps from your bed. Trouble drifting to sleep? Some swear by the flower power of lavender. Add one to your bedside table, and experience total relaxation.

Throw (or Grow) Shade

A tall houseplant offers some shade from the morning light, allowing for easy reading of the morning paper. Bonus? Using tall trees indoors will draw the eye upward and accentuate the height of your ceilings.

Skip the Soil

Bring on mood-boosting natural elements and interesting texture without worrying about a watering schedule or spilling soil on your new rug! Air plants are the no-fail option that any space can benefit from.

Vibrant Living

Houseplants and flowers are a fool-proof way to make an airy space feel more vibrant and lived in. From the 8-foot-tall variety (hello, fiddle-leaf fig!) to smaller house plants with lush foliage, you can't go wrong with greenery. Several placed around the room will go a long way to bringing the outside indoors.

Restore + Refresh

A small houseplant to the right spruces the space up with fresh greenery and works to cleanse the air of impurities. Cool coral accents the plant, while stunning blonde wood adds beautiful, natural texture to this clean, white bathroom.

Jungalow Chic

Become one with nature without venturing from your sofa. This jungle canopy curtain is a prime design for pro-plant parents to try. Consider gerbera daisies and potted peace lilies for energizing, air-cleansing additions to your curtain collection.

Garden Fresh

Ah, home-cooked meals. What could be better? Answer: home-cooked meals that feature fresh herbs from your indoor herb garden. Use this wall-mounted herb garden as inspiration to keep your fresh flavors within reach in your own kitchen.

Rustic Basket + Rosemary Bush

This entryway feels equal parts rustic and refined with a manicured rosemary bush welcoming guests from a woven, basket planter. This head-turning plant offers more than what meets the eye, though. Its earthy fragrance is said to soothe and clear the mind.

Grow With the Flow

We’re keen on the way this potted plant cleans the air around this bright white bar. Another idea? Create a hanging herb garden, and treat friends to gorgeous cocktail garnishes, courtesy of your green thumb.

Fancy Ferns

Overflowing ferns frame the doorway in this bright, bohemian living room. Little did you know that these natural beauties are working around the clock to keep their space free from unwanted chemicals in the air.

Shady Snake Plant

A houseplant that’s low light, low maintenance and high style? Yes, please. Snag a snake plant, and style it alongside a fern, as pictured here, for a natural and eclectic design. More into modern designs? Snake plants have sleek-yet-spiky leaves that make them cool complements for mod spaces, too.

Concrete Jungle

Soft sunlight soaks this city loft to create the optimal environment for tropical houseplants. Indoor trees, such as a palm or a fiddle leaf figs, gift apartment dwellers a much-needed dose of nature in between all the hustle and bustle of the concrete jungle.

Mirror the Exterior

It’s common practice to frame a front door with a set of pretty, potted posies ... on the exterior of the home. Why not copy the look for the interior, too? Not only will the duo potted plants keep your foyer fresh and free from unwanted odors, but they offer up a super-chic, symmetrical design for the foyer, as well.