$100 Half-Day Designs: Cluster Photo Arrangement

For a unique artwork display, create a collection gallery out of your favorite photo.


Materials and Tools:

measuring tape
adhesive-backed hook-and-loop squares (or hammer and finish nails)
enlarged photograph
picture frames
stir sticks


1. Select a favorite photo to enlarge, and determine the desired dimensions for the photo enlargement. Take the image to a local photo developer or copy center to have it enlarged.

2. Determine how many pieces you’d like it divided into, and then buy the appropriate size and quantity of frames.

3. Lay the enlarged photo on a flat surface. Remove the glass from the frames and lay them in a grid over the image. This will allow you to determine exactly which portion of the photo you’ll be able to use, and you’ll also see how much trimming is necessary.

4. Trim off any excess from the enlarged photo until the image matches the size of the glass grid on top of it.

5. Remove the glass and turn the image upside down, so that the back of the photo is facing up. Using a ruler and straight edge, draw a pencil grid on the back of the photo, so that each section is the same size as the glass from the frames.

6. With the grid drawn out, number each piece of the grid so that you’ll be able to reassemble it in the proper order once it’s been cut. Cut the photo along the grid lines, and frame each piece separately.

7. Determine where the images will hang. It’s easiest to start in one corner and work across. Be sure to use a level to keep everything in line. Use a stir-stick to keep a thin space between each frame.

8. For quick and easy hanging, simple attach hook-and-loop tape to the back of each frame and then stick them to the wall. This allows you to adjust the frames more to get the perfect orientation on the wall. If you’d prefer, use the a hammer and nails to hang the pictures.

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