10 Small Updates That Make Big Statements

If you’re not looking to make a huge commitment or undertake a full redesign, but want to achieve a bold look, look no further than these small-scale updates. Ceiling moulding, window frames, doors and so much more can all be transformed with a quick coat of paint.

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July 25, 2017
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Ceiling Moulding

Spruce up your walls by transforming the space around your moulding into a modern room accent. Skip the complete wall takeover and paint a small element of your space for a more subtle approach. Whether you paint the moulding itself or designate a section of the wall either above or below the moulding for a splash of color, this update will add just the right amount of playfulness to any interior.

Window Frames

Window frames are the perfect spot for a quick, simple makeover. These tiny borders require only a small paint brush, a steady hand and a decent amount of patience. Paint every aspect of the frames from top to bottom or choose only a portion to highlight. Whether you go with a window overhaul or just add a thin border of contrast, these new touches will make your windows even more appealing

Door Frames

Painted doors often make for jaw-dropping touches, but door frames are just as important when it comes to small upgrades. Even bright, airy rooms deserve a little definition, and outlining the frames in dark black does the trick. From the thinnest of frames on french doors to thick industrial front doors, adding a little contrast will do wonders for a space that is otherwise sporting one shade of paint.

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If you don’t want to get a ladder involved in your paint update, this is the approach for you. Baseboards are the ideal spot to introduce bold color choices into your space, without having to face your fear of heights. Whether you are matching these low details to window frames or you want them to stand out completely on their own, this hassle-free update will take minimal effort, but the outcome will be fantastic.


We can’t help but swoon over the countless images that sneak into our social media feeds that showcase gorgeous colorful doors spotted around the world. So why not bring that style to our very own homes? Sure, the exterior color may already be perfection, but it’s important not to forget what lies on the other side. Create the entryway of your dreams by going bold with your interior door and bringing a vibrant color into play.


Staircases are often underutilized when it comes to design, but it turns out they are the perfect spot to add some extra oomph. The options are endless when it comes to steps, but no matter what style you choose, they’re bound to make any entryway or hallway come to life. From wallpapering certain segments to painting the whole staircase in a monochromatic manner, when contrasted against a standard wall, these spiffy steps are sure to pop in all of the right ways.


Open shelving is certainly having a moment, and the only way to make it even better is by painting it so it stands out even more against the wall. Using a different shade, even if it's not much darker than the wall, adds the perfect amount of contrast for a decidedly dramatic touch. No matter what color or material you choose, the items housed on these floatings shelves will look perfectly placed after this update is complete.

Cabinet Interiors

Flipping flea market finds or updating old pieces that need a little extra love is always a fun project to take on. The easiest way to make any cabinetry shine? Put a bold, patterned wallpaper or fresh coat of paint in its interior to make a contrast that will be second to none. Simple, budget-friendly and totally on trend. Yes, please.

Exposed Beams

Your home's quirky architectural features are the perfect spots to create dramatic focal points, even if they're small in size. Exposed beams, built-in cabinets and nooks give you ample chaces to grab a paintbrush and get creative. A matte black will add chic farmhouse vibes, while a vibrant neon will make a shocking contrast perfect for an ultra modern space, but honestly, the possibilities are endless.

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Industrial Pipes

Industrial elements in an interior can be tough, but there are ways to make them fit your design aesthetic flawlessly. Paint, for starters, will help you turn exposed pipes or radiators into fun statement features right in your home. Rather than keeping them in their original state, try using a bright color to really make them pop. From living spaces to bedrooms, this small update will make any interior feel unique and stylish.