Radiant Orchid: Bringing Home a Little or a Lot

A vivid purple with pink undertones, Pantone's 2014 Color of the Year can make quite a statement at home. Designers share their favorite ways to decorate with just a little or a lot of this captivating shade this season.

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November 25, 2014
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Photo By: Kim Cornelison Photography Inc. ©Benjamin Moore

Photo By: Doug Burke ©Adam Hunter, Inc.

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Photo By: Jonny Valiant ©Jonny Valiant 2010

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Photo By: Julia Lynn ©Julia Lynn Photography

Photo By: Julia Lynn ©Julia Lynn Photography

Photo By: Diana Parriah © York Wallcoverings; 2014

Photo By: Diana Parriah © York Wallcoverings; 2013

Rich Purple Hues

If you're dreaming up new color palettes for spring, designers agree that Radiant Orchid is the shade to bring home. Interior designer and blogger Ashlina Kaposta of The Decorista finds the shade to be a perfect expression of the season. "I love the energy that this pop of color brings to a room — sophistication, vibrance, happiness and style," says Kaposta. For vibrant shades of this purple hue, try Benjamin Moore's Lilac Pink. Whether on a feature wall, or a small furniture accessory, it's sure to enliven your space this spring.

Just a Touch

Whether you favor neutral spaces or jewel-toned interiors, Radiant Orchid has the power to stand out. Just a small dose of the shade has the ability to make a big impact. In a neutral space, interior designer Adam Hunter used radiant orchid pillows and art to brighten things up. "We needed a magical color to add that pop. We hung photographic images with hints of radiant orchid. It was the perfect color to warm up the master bedroom," says Hunter.

Try the Softer Side of Orchid

Pair Radiant Orchid with lavender and white for a softer take on this often-bold hue, like designer Tobi Fairley did in this sophisticated girls' room.

Pair Mint Green With Orchid

Soft mint green tones down this bright pink-purple, as in this serene living space designed by Fawn Galli Interiors.

Small Accents

According to Manja Swanson, Chief Creative Officer of Lamps Plus, Radiant Orchid is the perfect color to accessorize with this season. Her tip for keeping your spaces on trend: It's the little things. "If you want to add the latest color simply update your table lamps or lampshades," advises Swanson. "Add a pillow, throw or vase to your home decor." A creative mix of small accent pieces in this daring shade is a sure way to bring Radiant Orchid's beautiful tones to a space without going overboard.

Try a Custom Chevron Dresser

Give a basic chest of drawers designer flair with a painted chevron pattern in hues of Radiant Orchid, fuschia and lavender.

Go Moody With Purple

To create a dark, moody look with Radiant Orchid, do as designer Brian Patrick Flynn did here: Vary the intensities of the pinks and purples, then use black to break up the two similar hues.

Play It Up

What colors pair well with Radiant Orchid? "This is one of those colors that seems difficult at first but actually plays well with others," interior designer Mona Ross Berman says. At the same time, Berman warns that Radiant Orchid "is not a color for the risk averse." Here, she pairs the hue with airy white walls and warm, bold accents.

Go Bold With Orchid

Designer Ashlina Kaposta suggests looking for fun ways to pair this shade with other exciting hues. "Jewel tones, emerald green, deep teal and beautiful rich purples" offer endless possibilities and are all wonderful ways to accentuate the orchid in your space, Kaposta says. Go bold with jewel tones accented by lots of the hue, like the statement-making built-in bookcases in this room designed by Lindsey Coral Harper.

Perfect Pairs

Pantone's Color of the Year works as well with stronger tones as it does with neutrals. Designer Mona Ross Berman paired Radiant Orchid with equally-bright tangerine in this vibrant bedroom. "I also think it would pair well with kelly green to create a preppy, retro feeling," Berman says.

Purples and Blues

Another classic pairing for radiant orchid? Navy, designer Mona Ross Berman says. Take a cue from designer Emily Henderson: She combined white walls and turquoise and navy upholstery with cheery orchid accents in this living room created for Bri Emery of DesignLoveFest.

Accentuate With Yellow

While textiles and accent pieces are a great way to add a small dose of Radiant Orchid, you can bring the color home in larger ways through wallpaper that incorporates the purple hue. Look for papers that embrace radiant orchid with its color-wheel opposite, yellow.

Complementary Colors

"I think yellow is always a good accent to purple since it's the opposite color on the spectrum," says Shannan Campanaro, creative director of Brooklyn-based fabric and wallpaper design shop Eskayel. Look for bold shades of yellow like saffron or mustard to pair with this pinkish-purple tone. In this living room designed by Mariah O'Brien, one eye-catching piece in orchid and another in bright yellow transforms a neutral space.

Unexpected Combinations

Eskayel Creative Director Shannon Campanaro, who loves to play with vibrant shades of purple in her wallpaper designs, also likes to use jewel tones like teal with pops of Radiant Orchid. The color combination creates an unexpected touch without being too overwhelming. "[Purples] tend to come and go in terms of trends," says Campanaro. "I do think it's a calmer, more regal color and should always be considered for an accent."

Wild Orchid

Yet Eskayel Creative Director Shannon Campanaro also points out the rebellious streak in Radiant Orchid. "I think purples in general can be calming, but since radiant orchid leans a little red, it also adds a sense of fun and a pop of brightness," says Campanaro. When thinking about ways to ease the shade into your space, Campanaro suggests "a large wall pattern that has both radiant orchid and other complementary colors."

Cover The Walls

It may seem daring, but there are wonderful ways to cover a space in Radiant Orchid. "Wrapping a room in a dense Radiant Orchid wallpaper pattern will make a bold color statement and might work best in a sparsely decorated room," advises Gina Shaw, vice president of product development at York Wallcoverings. "Alternately, a single feature wall designed with the same dense pattern will add a dramatic pop of color and can work in a room with other colors that complement the hue."

Master the Shade

Interior designer Angie Hranowsky is a master at decorating with shades of purple, and Radiant Orchid is no exception. "In my personal living room I decided to have fun and go big by covering the vintage sofa and playing up the windows," says Hranowsky. "I love all my radiant orchid pieces, but my sofa makes me happy when I get home each day." Hranowsky uses the bold color to bring a "positive, fun, happy" energy to her spaces that she says gives them "a sense of adventure."

New Neutral

"I've always used shades of purple throughout my work," says interior designer Angie Hranowsky. "I can use it the same way some people use brown or gray. Sometimes I use it as a small accent color, or sometimes it might be on the walls as the backdrop to a room."

Go Pastel

"The pastel version of Radiant Orchid presents many more decorating options and allows greater flexibility in a room," remarks Gina Shaw, vice president of product development at York Wallcoverings. In this dining room designed by Angie Hranowsky, the softer purples truly stand out. "I can mix so many colors together and love how they play off of each other, but I think cool blues or warm yellows and oranges are beautiful with orchid," says Hranowsky.

Purple Power

"Radiant Orchid brings creative energy to a room, inviting positive and expansive thoughts and feelings." says Gina Shaw of York Wallcoverings. "According to the team at Pantone, Radiant Orchid derives from the purple family, which is associated with mysticism and magical thoughts. At York we see the color as opening up possibilities in a room."

Radiant Rooms

For rooms where Radiant Orchid takes over all four walls, Gina Shaw of York Wallcovrings suggests, "It's best to stick to either a big commitment, like walls combined with one or two small accessories or one mid-range commitment such as a feature wall, combined with furniture and accessories in complementary colors. Using fresh flowers or framed artwork is a great way to accessorize these rooms."

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