Pink Nurseries and Kids' Rooms

Whether your baby is a newborn or a teenager, pink is a color that's always in style.

Sweet Beginnings

Has there ever been a color sweeter for a baby girl’s nursery than pink? Down to the delicate pink flowers on the lamp, this nursery is ideal for a pretty pink princess. Design by Camilla Forte

Young and Old

For the little princess coming of age – still a princess, but maybe not so little – a room that incorporates child-like elements along with a few more mature features may be the way to go. Take this room for example. The incredible crystal chandelier and four-post bed are amazingly elegant, but the hot-pink ruffled bed still gives off a feeling of creativity and playfulness that every child’s room should have. Design by Lori Withey

Peaches 'n' Cream

An effective blend of peach and yellow is used throughout this little girl’s room to emanate the quaint, farmhouse feel of a country cottage. Simple touches like the soft pink outline of the drawers, pillows and headboard add to the innocent charm of the room. Design by Jennifer Duneier

Royal Treatment

This princess-themed bedroom is pink, pink, pink. Pink walls, pink curtains and pink bedding prove that this little girl knows what she likes. Aside from the glamorous pink fabric, the crown above the bed, the elegant chandelier and the boa lamp make this bedroom look and feel like a royal bedchamber. Design by Sherri Blum

Glam Rock

This shared bedroom is divided between two sisters who both wanted a girly space to express their individual style. A hot-pink wall adds a girly touch, while the black metallic wallpaper and lavish chandelier add a grown-up edge to the room. Design by Jennifer Jones

Touch of Pink

This nursery incorporates pink in a way that is cute and girly but not too over the top. By using green and white as the base for the crib and rug, pink is left to be more of an accent color than a focal point in the room. Design by Susie Fougerousse

Classic Pink

This modern bedroom combines various shades of pink, while still looking appropriate for a teen or preteen rather than a little girl. The multi-toned pink cameo pillows on the trundle bed look just grown-up enough without straying from the whimsical charm associated with a young girl’s room. Design by Steven Miller

Citrus Vibe

The bright pinks, greens and yellows in this room allow a young teenage girl to express her style and enjoy her personal space. While not pink entirely, the room’s pink accents are a reminder of days past, while the citrus greens and yellows take the room to a new place, perfect for a growing girl. Design by Lauren Jacobsen

Transitional Elements

For an easy-to-update nursery, try using colors and furniture that will grow with your child, such as the beautiful striped chair and light coral walls featured in this adorable nursery. Design by Sarah Richardson

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