40 Enchanting Halloween Decorating Ideas That Aren't Black and Orange

Who said Halloween decorations can't be pink, rainbow or even ... pretty? We rounded up our favorite creepy-cute, charming and colorful ideas.

Photo By: Ashley Wilson

Photo By: Ashley Wilson

Photo By: Ashley Wilson

Photo By: Ashley Wilson

Photo By: Made by Carli

Photo By: Rebecca Propes

Photo By: Rebecca Propes

Photo By: Rebecca Propes

Photo By: Rebecca Propes

Photo By: Rebecca Propes

Photo By: David A. Land (styled by Elizabeth Demos)

Photo By: Xo My Home

Photo By: Simply Southern Cottage

Photo By: Cynthia Moreno

Photo By: Kate Dreyer

Photo By: Christy Kosnic

Photo By: Stephanie Watkins

Photo By: Hortus Ltd.

Photo By: Kara Whitten

Photo By: Kara Whitten

Photo By: Kara Whitten

Photo By: Kara Whitten

Photo By: Kara Whitten

Photo By: Kara Whitten

Photo By: Kara Whitten

Photo By: Vintage Meets Glam

Photo By: Sugar and Cloth

Photo By: David A. Land (styled by Elizabeth Demos)

Photo By: The Pink Dream

Photo By: Cassidy Garcia

Photo By: Jennifer Ramos

Photo By: Michael Wurm, Jr.

Photo By: Stephanie Frey

Photo By: David A. Land (Styled by Elizabeth Demos)

Photo By: Emily Kate Roemer/Studio D

A Charming Playhouse (With a Twist)

Giant cobwebs and a ghost wearing a witch's hat give this otherwise pretty playhouse by Ashley Wilson, At Home With Ashley blogger, a spooky touch. (Yes, the skeleton's fingers are crossed for good luck).

Pastel Pumpkins Please

Plus, peep Ashley's playhouse door: a rainbow pumpkin wreath — pastel style — steals the show. Her sweet masterpiece is a DIYers dream, and it pops against a sage green door.

A DIY Rainbow Pumpkin Arch

We're ooh-ing and ahh-ing over this one. Ashley created a colorful rainbow arch with PVC pipes and spray paint. Vibrant painted pumpkins bring the Halloween spirit.

Fall-oween Ready

Ashley's sweet pink door is total Fall-oween vibes. She decked it out with festive garland and a wreath to match.

Minimal yet Magical

Blogger Made by Carli nixed over-the-top Halloween decorations for a simple, clean and super-seasonal entryway look. She layered her console with mini pumpkins, a botanical print from Target, a lantern and a vase filled with branches which she picked from her front yard.

'Hey Boo' In the Kitchen

Why not cuten up your cook space with some Halloween accessories? Rebecca Propes, author of Rebecca DIY, crafted a cute message (complete with bats) above the stove in her kitchen.

Girly Ghosts and Cobwebs

And to match her festive stove setup, Rebecca brought the spooky on a shelf in her kitchen. Pink and orange pumpkins and a pretty print give the traditional look a girly touch.

Pink, Gold and Orange

Rebecca chose a fab color trio for her spooky-cute Halloween cake. She used vibrant card stock, wood skewers and twine to get the look just right.

Trick-or-Tasty Accessories

A Halloween bar cart look made sweet with sprinkles, balloons and lots of pink. Rebecca went all out on this one.

Halloween CharCUTErie

Bring on all the hues with the best festive decor out there: Halloween candy. Rebecca loaded up her fun charcuterie board with tons of colorful candy. It's not only tasty — it'll brighten up your tablescape too.

A Festive Fall Door

This front door look from HGTV Magazine isn't as traditional as it first appears. A DIY fall wreath and a matching doormat both boast shades of blue and yellow, while layered pumpkins and flowers pop against the bright turquoise door.

get the how-to: How-to: DIY Painted Magnolia Leaf Wreath

Watercolor Blooms

Artist Amy Moffat beautified a pumpkin with brilliant blooms. She started with a matte aqua base and used bold, imperfect strokes of pink and orange paint to create pretty, peach posies. The floral pumpkin is made complete with dimensional emerald leaves.

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A Natural Setting

"Although the bright and beautiful red, orange and yellow leaves are absent here in Florida, I was still able to bring fall into my home," says Xo My Home blogger Kim. She layered warm-toned natural materials, then topped them off with an array of bright pumpkins.

An Autumn Welcome

Pops of pink make this subtle Halloween-y porch totally transitional. Sara McDaniel, author of Simply Southern Cottage, hung wreaths by Kandi's Kreations Co. on her bright yellow door. Cozy lights by Copperworks Lighting set the mood.

Modern and Muted

Cynthia Morena, Hot Pink Pineapples blogger, favored taupes and muted hues for her Halloween palette and it paid off. Her super-cool fireplace setup is equal parts creepy, stylish and cute.

DIY Polka-Dot Pumpkins

These polka-dot pumpkins are cute and simple: "Craft pumpkins, spray paint and ChromaLabel stickers make for a cute (and easy) DIY," says Kate Dreyer, author of Kate Decorates. "Just spray paint the pumpkins, let the paint dry and add stickers in a shape and color of your choosing. The best part about this project is that it's completely customizable — mix and match paint colors and stickers for a look that blends with your everyday decor style."

Lovely and Lavender

Designer Sallie J. Lord of GreyHunt Interiors got creative for this one. She painted those pumpkins with the help of her boys. Gold flatware brings the shine, as do the taper candles. Pro tip: The table runner is actually a scarf Sallie picked-up on a trip to Santa Barbara.

DIY Dia de los Muetros Birds

"I painted thrifted wooden birds with the Mexican Dia de los Muertos in mind," says Stephanie Watkins, blog owner and author of Casa Watkins Living. Taper candles and a serape blanket add a cozy, vibrant feel to the living room.

Meddle in Metallics

Miniature pastel pumpkins and a gleaming, metallic gold fairytale gourd create a fresh and unexpected fall tablespace. Want to add drama to your own table, mantel or porch? Try layering matte-painted pumpkins with metallic gourds.

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A DIY Fringe Moon

Leave it to Kailo Chic blogger Kara Whitten to create an unexpected Halloween accessory: a shiny and colorful half-moon. She made this DIY fringed one out of leftovers from a party backdrop.

A DIY Roving Wall Hanging

Kara swapped out her fringe moon for a fun Halloween wall hanging. Bats bring the spooky and muted pumpkins cheer it all up.

DIY Iridescent Planters

These happy planters will pop against traditional Halloween decorations. Kara DIYed them using spray paint and iridescent vinyl, and they're so creepy-cool.

Pretty, Pink and Hocus Pocus

Pumpkins can be pink, too! And they look extra-cute paired with vibrant orange ones, like Kara did here. Plus, check out her eye-catching hocus pocus banner.

Shimmering Pumpkins

Halloween disco vibes? Yes, please. Kara created the perfect bright and shiny pairing by layering DIY color-blocked pumpkins with mirrorballs.

A Super-Spooky Fireplace

That black cobwebby pattern surrounding the fireplace is actually peel-and-stick wallpaper. And the festive-ness continues up the mantel: Kara topped the look off with painted pumpkins and hanging banners.

All the Colors

Who says Halloween doesn't mean (literal) rainbows? Kara used bright orange and pink pumpkins to Halloween-up a blush velvet couch. (Peep that metallic mini pink pumpkin!)

Plaid on Green

Jolie Carrier, author of Vintage Meets Glam, topped her Halloween porch look off with a pink DIY pumpkin wreath. And check out those plaid pumpkins by her doormat. They pop against all the green.

Mix 'Em Up

Sugar and Cloth blogger Ashley Rose painted (and carved!) an array of mini pumpkins in shades of pastels. Then she stacked them on her staircase for a layered Hallo-cute look.

A Tinted Tablescape

HGTV Magazine's festive, muted tablescape is out-of-the-box Halloween ready. Want the look? Spray-paint mismatched thrift store candleholders the same shade as tapered candles. Add bright mums and pumpkins that you’ve painted with chalk paint.

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A Pink Haunted Playhouse

Bewitching your little girls’ hangout is a good idea when it’s this cute. “I put in a pink flood light plus string lights on the ceiling,” says blogger Ceres Mercurio of The Pink Dream. Her daughters helped paint the mini pumpkins.

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Say Yes to Yellow

We have all the heart eyes for these yellow emoji pumpkins. Give your pumpkins the same shorthand sense of fun with a little yellow paint and construction paper.

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Cheeky Doormat

Welcome friends and turn away foes with this refreshingly honest DIY doormat. A cheap coir mat, some paint and our free, downloadable template are all you need to craft this cheeky greeting.

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Enchanting and Elegant

Recreate these decoupaged pumpkins with printed napkins and Mod Podge. A small touch of Halloween elegance (with some pink and blue, of course) goes a long way.

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ROYGBIV Bookshelves

Blogger Jennifer Perkins regularly styles the built-in bookshelves in her home for the holidays. For Halloween she ditched a traditional color scheme and went for the rainbow. Red devils, orange pumpkins, yellow picture frames, green vampires, blue microscopes and purple owls complete the look.

Bring on the Blues

Why not nix orange for baby blues? This fresh look for Halloween screams serenity.

Cuten Up Open Shelves

A few details can Halloween-ify any space. Designer Michael Wurm Jr., who blogs at Inspired by Charm, made this banner for the dining room out of black gift tags, stick-on foil letters and mini clothespins. Then he added pumpkins — a glass one with a rose gold finish from HomeGoods, and an itty-bitty real one.

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Wicked in White

Who says you need bats, ghosts and witches to set a spooky scene? These all-white accessories are so sleek. Stack a rustic, creaky wood chair with white pumpkins and mums, then add in accents of blood-red fall berries for a look that's equal parts chic and chilling.

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Spice Up Some Pumpkins

These pumpkins have the final say in this fall kitchen featured in HGTV Magazine. Three-dimensional stickers spell out cool food words — a fun twist on classic pumkpin decor.

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Glitter, Glitter, Glitter

Shake up your Halloween decor with these colorful glittered pumpkins. A great project for kids, these sparkling pumpkins are quick, easy and fun.

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DIY Paper Napkin Pumpkins

These cheery pumpkins from HGTV Magazine are so easy to make.

Supplies: Unikko paper luncheon napkins in various colors (Marimekko, $6 for a set of 20); Martha Stewart Wedding Cake paint (Available at Michaels, currently sold out)

Here's How:

  • Tape off the stems of artificial pumpkins (try funkins.com)
    with painter’s tape and paint
    the pumpkins with white crafts paint. Let dry.
  • Open a napkin pattern-side up and cut out each flower or yellow squiggly line.
  • As you cut, the layers will separate. Keep only the top printed one.
  • Attach the shapes to the pumpkins with decoupage glue with a matte finish; let dry. If they’ll be outdoors, spray on acrylic sealer.

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