10 Hottest Spring Colors and How to Use Them

Loving the season's most popular hues? Learn how to work them into your home decor in ways that that last past spring.

Color Trend: Pale Blue

Pantone's Color(s) of the Year, Serenity Blue, is a lovely shade to use as the main hue at a relaxing afternoon soiree. Purchase macarons in a light blue shade. (These are flavored with Earl Grey and mint chocolate chips.) Then use coordinating tea towels and fancy teacups for a Parisian-inspired event.

Color Trend: Bright Coral

The use of spring hues doesn't have to be as dramatic as painting a wall or buying a new rug. Update your decor with a few new accessories in a dramatic coral color to instantly liven up any piece of furniture. To create a cohesive look, repeat the coral hue in three to four different spots within the same vignette.

Color Trend: Zesty Yellow

Bring color into your nine-to-five by giving your workspace a pop of yellow with uplifting accessories. The spirited hue will encourage your best creativity and allow you to think more clearly.

Color Trend: Magenta + Gold

A traditional cake gets a stylish upgrade with sweeps of magenta and edible gilded gold. Nine Cakes designed this two-tier white buttercream cake with magenta and yellow accents, touches of gold and whimsical dollops of icing. These colorful embellishments are the perfect way to incorporate a hot, new color trend into a delicious dessert.

Color Trend: Blush

Pantone's Color(s) of the Year, Rose Quartz, is used in the form of paint to update a flea market console table. A few coats of paint is all you need to give a vintage piece of furniture new life and bring some blush-pink color into your living room this spring.

Color Trend: Shades of Gray

Keep your bedroom relaxed with layered whites and shades of gray. A white duvet cover creates a solid backdrop to layer in a velvet gray headboard, gray sheets and gray accent pillows in a variety of shades of textures. The single color palette is used to create a calming space to dream the night away.

Color Trend: Cobalt

Give your rustic farm table a modern touch with bright, cobalt blue placemats, white plates and black linen napkins. The juxtaposition between rustic wood and saturated color is a big trend for spring.

Color Trend: Pops of White

Harmony reigns when you mix a variety of planters in all the same color. Here, the whitewashed planters are displayed on a rustic wooden dresser to create a warm, soft glow and a sense of cohesiveness around a collection of lively plants.

Color Trend: Buttercup

A light, buttercup hue adds subtleness to an accent wall. Black frames with white mattes around colorful artwork make a pop-art statement against the pastel paint. The look is finished with a glossy white shelf and black pillar candlesticks.

Color Trend: Jewel Tones

Chromatic hues and layered textures bring a neutral couch to life. Brilliant pops of color in deep jewel tones work together in this living room by creating a playful space. Start with a textured rug, then add in yellow pillows, a red throw and a lamp in saturated hues to finish the look.

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