7 Ways to Store Your Holiday Decor Like a Pro

Here's how to avoid getting your tinsel (or twinkle lights) in a tangle. You'll definitely thank yourself next year!

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Photo by: Rennai Hoefer ©ten22 studio | Rennai Hoefer 2014

Rennai Hoefer, ten22 studio | Rennai Hoefer 2014

You're snapping a few pics for your Instagram story, might as well take a couple more to keep yourself organized for next year! Take photos of everything. Your formal dining table, your entry-way vignette, your decked halls and dazzling tree. This enables you to know exactly what goes where for the years to follow. Bonus? You can solicit help from your spouse or kiddos and have them arrange things just the way you like it.


Cookie Tins as Office Storage

Cookie Tins as Office Storage

Use leftover holiday cookie tins to store large office items, such as ink cartridges for the printer. Stack the tins to save counter space.

Photo by: Photo courtesy of Serena Thompson

Photo courtesy of Serena Thompson

As tweens, we lived by the mantra that “labels are for soup”. As adults, we’ve progress(o)ed and know that labels are, in fact, for your carefully-curated Christmas collection. Invest in a label maker (or masking tape and permanent marker) and your life will truly never be the same.

Layer Like a Pro



©Marc Kelly

Marc Kelly

Avoid any mishaps by layering your items with care. Start with the heaviest pieces on the bottom, moving gradually up to the lightest on top. Another tip: Don’t over-pack a box! Know your limits and you’ll avoid broken baubles (and hearts!) in the process.

Crates + Cookie Tins



©Marc Kelly

Marc Kelly

The best bet for storing ornaments is to keep the boxes they originally came in. But if you accidentally threw them out, you can use egg crates to protect smaller, breakable baubles or pack them with paper into a festive cookie tin. As for the non-fragile, plastic ornaments, toss ‘em into a plastic gallon-sized freezer bag and you’re good to go!

Streamline a Holiday Storage Spot

Holiday Wreaths Stored on Coat Rack

Holiday Wreaths Stored on Coat Rack

Instead of stuffing artificial wreaths in plastic tubs, keep your wreaths fresh, untangled and ready for the next season using a coat rack. Blogger Karen Way of Sew Many Ways shows how to achieve the ultimate in wreath organization with hangers, plastic bags and labeled boxes to hold wreath decorations.

Photo by: Karen Way

Designate a spot in your shed or garage to be used specifically and exclusively for holiday decoration storage. That said, keep the size of said storage area in mind while shopping for decorations so that you don't exceed the space available. Not only will this save you space but it might just save you some money, too. Pro tip: Go vertical! An inexpensive clothes rack is gold when it comes to holiday storage. Hang wreaths, garland and more from coat hangers, then store everything else in labeled boxes!

Tackle the Tangles

Use Cardboard to Store Holiday Lights

Use Cardboard to Store Holiday Lights

Leftover cardboard from gifts works wonders, too.

Photo by: Kim Christensen

Kim Christensen

Leftover cardboard from gifts works wonders, too.

Guys, there is nothing more frustrating than a set of sad, tangled twinkle lights. Who's with me? Save yourself from the inevitable blood, sweat and tears next year by first, tossing any damaged lights prior to storage. Then, neatly wrap your lights around some leftover cardboard or purchase a light storage reel from a local retailer. 

Store Strategically



©Marc Kelly

Marc Kelly

Once you've boxed away all-things-holiday-cheer, start putting said boxes away with their importance in mind.  Start by storing the box with the least important bits furthest from reach. Gradually work your way through the pile keep the most important baubles in the boxes that are easiest to grab. This way, you won't break a sweat because you're trying to reach your most-treasured trinkets. 

More Holiday Storage Hacks

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Apples to Ornaments

Forgo an expensive, compartmentalized ornament box by stashing round ornaments in plastic apple containers. Blogger Laura Russell of Make Life Lovely says they take up less space than the ornaments' original boxes and are a great way to reuse plastic that otherwise gets tossed.

Photo By: Laura Russell

Eggs-celent Ornament Storage

Tiny round ornaments fit perfectly in reusable egg cartons. Save your cartons from the trash to prevent your precious ornaments from breaking with this clever idea.

Photo By: Laura Russell

Delicate Beverage Trays

Don't toss those beverage trays! These babies make great homes for fragile ornaments. Plus, they're super handy when decorating the tree.

©Marc Kelly

DIY Holiday Ornament Box

Ornament organizers can be pricey, but not if you go this DIY route from Jill Nystul of One Good Thing By Jillee. All you need is a plastic bin, red plastic cups, cardboard and a glue gun. Cut cardboard to fit inside the bin, glue on plastic cups, drop ornaments into cups and voilá! An inexpensive and clever ornament solution.

Photo By: Jill Nystul

That's a Wrap

Tired of untangling holiday light strands year after year? Wrap them around cardboard like Kim Christensen of A Real-Life Housewife has done here. Cut cardboard to size (think shoe box tops) and store them inside one box for groan-free tree trimming.

Photo By: Kim Christensen

Bottled Bead Garland

Curtail beaded garland tangles with an everyday plastic water or soda bottle. You might think the beads would get stuck, but they easily slide out when you tip the bottle over. Got kids? This storage solution doubles as a festive noisemaker.

Photo By: Caren Baginski

Compact Tubing

Use concrete tubes to store an artificial tree. You can literally roll this into any closet or under the bed with ease.

Wreaths on a Rack

Instead of stuffing artificial wreaths in plastic tubs, keep your wreaths fresh, untangled and ready for the next season using a coat rack. Blogger Karen Way of Sew Many Ways shows how to achieve the ultimate in wreath organization with hangers, plastic bags and labeled boxes to hold wreath decorations.

Photo By: Karen Way

Hang It Up

Grab a see-through garment bag for this clever storage solution that keeps wrapping paper dust-free and easily accessible. This idea makes you wonder, "Why didn't I think of that?" Good thing The Chic Site with Rachel Hollis did!

Pretty Packaging

Corral wrapping paper with this easy DIY wastebasket transformation from Crystal Sixta of My Blissful Space. A coat of spray paint gives any design-challenged trash bin a new life as a holiday organizer. Plus, this bin is portable when it's time to wrap gifts.

Photo By: Crystal Sixta

Shoe Hack

Hack an over-the-door shoe organizer to keep your wrapping paper rolls contained.

Photo By: Emily Fazio ©2016

Rolling Wrapping Station

Can you guess the ordinary object that stars in this extraordinary storage idea? Turn a kitchen stool upside down, add caster wheels and tie on fabric bags for a truly repurposed wrapping station. Make your own with this DIY tutorial.

Nice and Tidy

Use magazine racks to organize gift bags by holiday and event.

Tie Up Loose Ends

All that leftover ribbon from presents received and given? Snatch up loose bits and fold them neatly in a shoebox for instant color-coordinated gratification. Bonus: Easily spot the color you need for next year's gifting. This holiday hack courtesy of blogger Jenny Dix of The Contemplative Creative.

Photo By: Jenny Dix

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