6 Tiny Houses That Squeeze Function Into Every Square Foot

These homes featured on HGTV's 'Tiny House, Big Living' are small on square footage but big on function. Take a tour, then decide: Would you spring for a home sweet tiny home?

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Once upon a time, a cozy house less than 1,000 square feet was considered pretty petite. Now, homeowners are finding themselves making homes as small as 300, 200 and even under 100 square feet not only livable, but downright attractive. Check out these tiny homes and try to decide just how tiny you could go.

Precision Planning

This homeowner managed to fit in a climbing wall, aquaponics system and even an outdoor chicken coop.

Tiny Home With Orange Door

Tiny Home With Orange Door

Rob Irwin's finished tiny home exterior features gray accents and a bright orange door, as seen on HGTV's Tiny House, Big Living.

Tiny House With Aquaponics System

Tiny House With Aquaponics System

Rob Irwin's finished tiny house kitchen features a built-in aquaponics system, as seen on HGTV's Tiny House, Big Living.

Tiny House With Climbing Wall

Tiny House With Climbing Wall

Rob Irwin's finished tiny house features a fold-down dining room table and a climbing wall to the bedroom lof, as seen on HGTV's Tiny House, Big Living.

Tiny House With Custom Details

Tiny House With Custom Details

As seen on HGTV's Tiny House, Big Living, Rob Irwin's home features tons of custom features.

Tiny Home With Chicken Coop

Tiny Home With Chicken Coop

As seen on HGTV's Tiny House, Big Living, this tiny home even makes room for a chicken coop.

Clutter Free and Contemporary

A glass wall, tons of hidden storage under the staircase and an abundance of natural light give this tiny home a cool, contemporary vibe.

Contemporary Tiny Home Exterior

Contemporary Tiny Home Exterior

Alex Gore and Lance Cayko's completed tiny home exterior features a contemporary look with a wall of windows, as seen on HGTV's Tiny House, Big Living.

Tiny Home Reveal

Tiny Home Reveal

Annie Vergara pours a drink in her new tiny house kitchen, as seen on HGTV's Tiny House, Big Living.

Tiny House With Window Wall

Tiny House With Window Wall

Alex Gore and Lance Cayko's completed tiny home kitchen features a full glass wall, as seen on HGTV's Tiny House, Big Living.

Tiny Home With Smart Storage

Tiny Home With Smart Storage

Alex Gore and Lance Cayko's finished tiny home features lots of hidden staircase storage and a wall made entirely of glass, as seen on HGTV's Tiny House, Big Living.

Always Moving

A rooftop extension, solar panels and a bedroom that easily converts into an office gave this school bus new life as a portable mini home. Here's a shot of the bus during the transformation: 

Tiny House School Bus

Tiny House School Bus

With the roof lifted Charles and Dakota's bus is ready to be transformed into a tiny house, as seen on Tiny House, Big Living.

After the makeover, it has a fresh coat of army green paint and a host of multi-functional spaces, including a combination office and yoga studio. 

Tiny House School Bus

Tiny House School Bus

Charles and Dakota's finished tiny house is a transformed school bus, as seen on Tiny House, Big Living.

Tiny House With Office Space

Tiny House With Office Space

Charles Kern at his desk which tucks away neatly under the bed when not in use, as seen on Tiny House, Big Living.

Tiny House Home Office

Tiny House Home Office

Charles and Dakota's bed folds up to reveal a desk under. The desk stays parallel to the floor even when the bed is folded down allowing them to leave work out at night, as seen on Tiny House, Big Living.

Ready to Entertain

A washer and dryer combo helps save space, but the real star of this tiny home is this fantastic rooftop deck that adds extra living space and the ideal spot to relax.

Tiny Home With Rooftop Deck

Tiny Home With Rooftop Deck

Graham Wales relaxes with Amber Larson and new tiny house owner Jenn Baxter on the rooftop deck, as seen on Tiny House, Big Living.

Tiny Home With Combo Washer and Dryer

Tiny Home With Combo Washer and Dryer

Jenn Baxter's finished tiny home features a breakfast bar with hidden washer and dryer combo, as seen on Tiny House, Big Living.

Rooftop Deck on Tiny Home

Rooftop Deck on Tiny Home

Jenn Baxter's new rooftop deck features her mother's sewing table, a family heirloom, as a key focal point, as seen on Tiny House, Big Living.

Cat Heaven

Loads of stair storage left plenty of room for a cat bed and even a cat bridge in this pet-friendly tiny home.  

Adorable Tiny Home Exterior

Adorable Tiny Home Exterior

The exterior could not be cuter on Trevor Gay and Mary Benasutti's new tiny house in Ohio, as seen on Tiny House, Big Living.

Stair Storage in Tiny Home

Stair Storage in Tiny Home

This tiny house features smart storage with a creative staircase, as seen on Tiny House, Big Living.

Tiny House With Cat Bridge

Tiny House With Cat Bridge

As seen on Tiny House, Big Living, Trevor Gay and Mary Benasutti's tiny house features a built-in cat bridge.

Tiny Home With Pets

Tiny Home With Pets

Check out Trevor Gay and Mary Benasutti's finished tiny home interior, as seen on Tiny House, Big Living.

All the Amenities

Who would have guessed this small space could fit a sectional, double sink and spiral staircase?  

Tiny House With Full Kitchen

Tiny House With Full Kitchen

This homeowner has managed to fit a full kitchen complete with a large stove, full oven and side-by-side refrigerator and freezer, as seen on Tiny House, Big Living.

Tiny Home With Sectional

Tiny Home With Sectional

Kaitlin Snyder's finished living room features a comfy gray sectional, as seen on Tiny House Big Living.

Tiny Home With Spiral Staircase

Tiny Home With Spiral Staircase

Kaitlin Snyder's custom spiral staircase and bookshelf is finished, as seen on Tiny House, Big Living.

More Ways to Live Tiny

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When Wedgies Are Welcome

We love the Wheelhaus Wedge exterior for its marriage of rustic and modern design elements. High trapezoidal windows on the sides ensure privacy, while the mostly glass front floods the Wedge with natural light. 

Slice of Heaven

Inside the Wedge, a large sliding glass door opens to a private deck, which increases living space. We think the gas fireplace feature, which also comes in electric, is just heavenly.

Wedge Salad for Two

The Wedge’s tiny kitchen features a two-burner cooktop, a built-in mini fridge, microwave oven, a dishwasher, Caesarstone or granite countertops and high-grade cabinetry.

Packed With Goodness

The Wedge’s bathroom was designed for maximum storage without compromising aesthetics. Each features top-of-the-line glass showers, vanities with stone countertops and Kohler fixtures.

Stay Wired

Just because you go off the grid doesn’t mean you can’t update your Facebook page by the fire. Each Wedge comes wired for cable and Internet. Mini gas-burning or electric fireplaces and AC can also be added.

Wedge Exterior

Rustic elements, such as weathered wood, meet with corrugated metal to create an attractive exterior in harmony with the natural surroundings.

Taking the Show on the Road

The crew at Escape Homes has been constructing cabins for many years and recently decided to go mobile. The result is the Escape Traveler, a luxury cabin that qualifies as an RV.

Game Changer

With its floor-to-ceiling windows, the Escape Traveler has definitely upped the ante in the tiny house game. If you’re curious about the construction, check in to Canoe Bay in Chetek, Wis.

Kitchen Envy

We must confess that the Escape Traveler’s kitchen is nicer than a lot of ours. The craftsmanship and attention to detail is unparalleled thus far.

Bless This House

As if complementing the environment surrounding it, the Escape is constructed with our Mother Earth in mind utilizing the greenest and most sustainable materials on the market.

Got Wanderlust?

While the Nomad’s Nest model from Wind River Tiny Homes will go just about anywhere you like, it is designed to stay put, not be pulled like an RV. However, should you decide to pull up stakes, this home can be toted to a new location whenever you like.

Mad for the Nomad

Though the exterior screams Davy Crockett, the interior’s designer touches include hip light fixtures, stainless steel appliances and faux stone flooring.

Love Shack

This model was customized for a pair of newlyweds, but Wind River can easily install a loft or bunk beds. We love the industrial hanging light cages.

Baby Steps

A tiny wood staircase leads to the Nomad’s bedroom, while French doors provide natural light and an open space perfect for enjoying the great outdoors in style.

Wagons, Ho

The Wohnwagon hails from Austria and is constructed from natural, recycled and a few new materials. The exterior is covered in naturally waterproof larch wood, which is known for its durability and attractiveness. 

Green Machine

The Wohnwagon features spruce paneling or other woods indigenous to the region. Walls are insulted with wool, which naturally controls humidity. There are solar panels mounted on the roof with a recharging battery pack beneath the floorboards.

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Photo By: Wohnwagon

Pajama Party

The sleeping area features hidden storage that can be used to conceal twin bed rolls or dirty laundry. Fold-down shelves maximize space and pull-out drawers act as a nightstand. 

Flower Power

Solar panels heat water for the shower and greywater is filtered through the green roof and is reusable within 24 hours. Clean water is stored under the floorboards.

Unique Features

We love the recycled tile in the tiny home’s shower. So far, less than 10 Wohnwagons are in existence making each one unique.

We Jam Econo

We love the EcoCabins “hOMe” model not only for its sleek exterior but also for its functionality. Inside this tiny beauty you’ll find a fully functioning kitchen, a sleeping loft and a modern living space.

Tiny Dancer

Every inch of an EcoCabin is designed with form and function in mind. This award-winning model features plenty of built-in storage, fold down tables and a cozy sleeping loft that we adore.

Stairway to Heaven

Designed by Andrew and Gabriella Morrison for EcoCabins, the “hOMe” boasts a unique staircase with built-in storage that leads to a heavenly master sleeping space.

Wheels on Fire

Who says that you have to compromise on taste? It’s hard to believe that a four-burner gas stove can be packed into one of these tiny mobile homes.

Come on Get Happy

The one-of-a-kind Toybox Home is the result of two guys running into each other at a Chicago reclaimed materials store. Frank Henderson, a music student, met Paul Schultz, a designer, and the two decided to design and construct a tiny house where Henderson could live while in school.

Window on the World

The eco-friendly Toybox is one of the most original tiny homes we’ve ever seen. It was created with the concept that home should be a fun place inspiring creativity while also providing peace of mind. 

Table for Two

When he designed the Toybox, Schultz used lighter wood to make the space feel more open. The folding table has plenty of room for two. Above the bathroom doors is a sleeping loft.

View From the Top

This view from the Toybox’s sleeping loft provides a bird’s-eye view into the living space where module seating serves as storage and can also be arranged to form a bed.

Special Purpose

Every element of the home serves a purpose. Sliding panels reveal the Toybox’s hidden storage.

Keep it Clean

The bathroom is unique in that the entire space acts as the shower. We like this “self-cleaning” element.

Rocky Mountain High

Greg Parham of Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses likes keeping things simple, earth-friendly and affordable. After discussing your wants, Parham will translate that into your needs and custom build you a home that suits both.

Tiny Before Tiny Was Cool

Tumbleweed Houses laid down its roots in 1999 basing their business model on the concept that homes could roll and lay down roots just like its namesake. All models, like this Mica, can be customized in-house or they will help you out with a DIY kit. 

Tasty Waves & Cool Buds

Mica owners enjoy the freedom that tiny house living affords owners to wake up just about anywhere they can find a (legal) parking space.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

From the streets of Manhattan to the Oregon coast, your Mica kitchen will serve you wherever you wake.

Whistle Stop Tour

Tumbleweed’s Elm features a custom arched window above the door reminiscent of an old-fashioned train caboose. The full porch and lancet window give this exterior design the charm and elegance that started it all.

Sweet Dreams

Customize your Elm with optional dormers in the loft for added space, light and cross breeze.

Dinner Time Options

From cooktops to full stoves, these Tiny House RVs have a range of options to suit your most adventurous cooking ambitions. This Elm features a two-burner electric cooktop.

Head Space

Tumbleweed Houses are designed to weather all seasons, climates and personalities. The Cypress makes use of the most interior space, by incorporating a recessed corner porch affording the interior living area more space.

Food Truck

This Cypress kitchen was customized with a “nook” kitchen and two-burner gas cooktop with an external propane tank. There’s no need for a special permit to tow.

Almost Paradise

Named after one of our favorite trees, Tumbleweed’s Linden screams outdoorsy, though it does it with subtlety. The tiny porch is a great place to sit and watch the sunset or the local wildlife.

Let the Sunshine In

The Linden’s roof takes advantage of two full dormers that not only let the sunshine in, but also give it more space. It’s the perfect spot for relaxing or hosting fellow glampers.

Sunnyside Up

The Linden’s kitchens are completely customizable and take advantage of a ton of natural light, which is why you came out here in the first place, right?

Let’s Go to Grandma’s House

There’s no longer any need to go over the river or through the woods to get to grandma’s house. Conceived as an eldercare solution, NextDoor Housing Drop Homes park loved ones right in your backyard yet afford you both independence and privacy.

Street Legal

Drop Homes are not only ADA compliant and street legal but also available to rent making them a great solution for the temporary of a loved one. 

Holy Roller

We just had to include this adorable rolling house of holy. With destination weddings all the rage, this beauty will come to you or EcoCabins will help you acquire your very own.

Going to the Chapel

In this case, the chapel can come to you.

Photo By: EcoCabins

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