The Property Brothers Answer Fans’ Burning Questions on ‘The Scott Seat’

Ever wanted to ask Drew and Jonathan Scott a question? Some lucky fans got the chance as the little red couch hits Stamford, Conn.

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You know Drew and Jonathan Scott from Property Brothers, but how well do you really know them? Fans in Stamford, Conn., got to sit down on The Scott Seat for a no holds-barred Q&A session.

In this episode, the brothers reveal one of the biggest issues they face in home renos, give some insight into how people get on the show (hint: cookies are always a good bribe for the brothers), and get personal about once fighting over a girl — but only after a round of "lie-dentical twins." Check out all the fun from the tiny red couch:

Stamford: Lie-dentical Twins 03:08

The Scott brothers answer fan questions and play lie-dentical twins.

Want more time on the seat with Jonathan and Drew? Check out more of The Scott Seat videos. And, check out their latest Property Brothers renovation below. 

The Property Brothers Tackle This Modern Rustic Reno Fit for a Family

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Untapped Potential

Craig and Laurel Perler purchased a spacious three-bedroom, three-bath home in Armonk, New York. The only problem? It was in serious need of some updates. Luckily, the Property Brothers stepped in to make the home a gorgeous, open space the entire family can enjoy.

Photo By: Stephanie Diani / Getty Images f

Great Room: Before

The upstate New York home included an already built addition, giving the Perler’s a fantastic extra room with a lovely fireplace. However the dark carpet and wood-paneled walls gave the room an outdated look.

Photo By: Stephanie Diani / For Cineflix

Great Room: After

Jonathan and Drew transformed the stuffy space into a stylish and inviting great room. They swapped the dated green carpet with warm hardwood floors, which they accentuated with a funky patterned rug. They brightened up the interior by splashing white paint on the paneled walls, creating a visual break between the wood floors and exposed wood ceiling.

Photo By: Stephanie Diani / Getty Images f

Music To Our Ears

The Scott brothers brought the couple’s upright piano into the room to make the space even more personal and inviting. Although Drew doesn’t seem to find Jonathon’s tune quite as inviting as the great room decor.

Photo By: Stephanie Diani / Getty Images f

Mix and Match

The Scott brothers created a balanced blend of modern and rustic styles in the renovated great room. Such as pairing these grommet-studded arm chairs with teal, ombré pillows.

Photo By: Stephanie Diani / Getty Images f

Beautifully Balanced

Another artful mix of styles, the Scott brothers placed these funky blown-glass vases on top of a rustic wooden chest. As a result, they achieve an aesthetic that is warm, but not stuffy.

Photo By: Stephanie Diani / Getty Images f

Wood-Paneled World

The original bonus room had a large, wood-paneled wall blocking it from the rest of the house. Four sides of dark wood rendered this room incredibly dark and stuck in the past.

Photo By: Stephanie Diani / For Cineflix

Breaking Out of the Box

By knocking down the great room wall and raising the floor to be level with the rest of the house, the Scott brothers successfully made the room bright and airy. While the lack of wall takes out the obvious barriers between the great room and kitchen, the strategically-placed seating and vibrant rug create a clear separation in living areas.

Photo By: Stephanie Diani / Getty Images f

The Music Men

Jonathan and Drew can hardly contain their excitement for the beautiful new great room. Here the brothers sing a song to homeowners Laurel and Craig after the couple wrote an original song for them.

Photo By: Stephanie Diani / Getty Images f

Dining Room: Before

The Perler’s dining room was flooded with light, made even brighter thanks to light walls and white-blonde hardwood floors. It needed some personality (and fewer walls.) 

Photo By: Stephanie Diani / For Cineflix

Dining Room: After

The Scott brothers made the dining room even more illuminated and spacious by knocking out the walls between the kitchen and dining rooms. They created a cohesive room-to-room flow by replacing the light floors with a richer hardwood. To balance the new floors and keep their design elements consistent, the brothers brought in light beige chairs with patterns and details that coordinate with those in the great room.

Photo By: Stephanie Diani / Getty Images f

Playing the Blues

To keep the color palette uniform throughout the house, Jonathan and Scott brought in a gorgeous dark wood dining table, accented with pops of teal, white, and silver place settings.

Photo By: Stephanie Diani / Getty Images f

Busting Barriers

In order to keep the floor plan open, but still create a clear divide between living spaces, the Scott brothers installed pass-though bookshelves between the dining and great rooms where the Perler couple can display anything from modern vases to family knick knacks.

Photo By: Stephanie Diani / Getty Images f

Kitchen: Before

While the kitchen may have been spacious, the dated cabinets and floor tile left much to be aesthetically desired.

Photo By: Stephanie Diani / For Cineflix

Kitchen: After

After swapping all of the outdated features for stainless steel appliances, dark hardwood floors, and crisp white cabinets, the Scott brothers created a new kitchen that’s as sleek as it is functional.

Photo By: Stephanie Diani / Getty Images f

Kitchen Purgatory

The dated appliances in this kitchen were definitely not suited for the culinary needs of a modern family like the Perlers. 

Photo By: Stephanie Diani / For Cineflix

Island Paradise

Not only does the new island create a natural barrier between the kitchen and dining room, but it also adds ample storage and a food prep-zone.

Photo By: Stephanie Diani / Getty Images f

Take a Seat

On the other side of the island, Drew and Jonathan thoughtfully added extra seating space with these warm, upholstered wooden chairs. Once again, the contrast between the rustic seating and modern quartzite countertop creates a chic blend of design aesthetics.

Photo By: Stephanie Diani / Getty Images f

Clever Conveniences

By installing a second prep sink into this island, Jonathan and Drew created a convenient way for the homeowners to whip up a meal while still socializing with family or friends in any of the adjacent rooms.

Photo By: Stephanie Diani / Getty Images f

Living Room: Before

Before the Scott brothers entered the scene, the light walls and floor of this living room were domineered by a massive, shiny black, built-in cabinet leftover from the 80s.

Photo By: Stephanie Diani / For Cineflix

Living Room: After

After tearing the walls down and removing the imposing cabinet, the Scott brothers turned the living room into a cheery haven that seamlessly opens up to the rest of the sizable home.

Photo By: Stephanie Diani / Getty Images f

Room With a View

The new living room layout gives the Perler’s a place to lounge in a plush seating area while enjoying lovely views through the windows in the front and sides of their home. Just like in the dining room, here, pass-through bookshelves create a sleek barrier between rooms, without obstructing the open floor plan.

Photo By: Stephanie Diani / Getty Images f

Pastel Accents

After the renovation, the living room in Craig and Laurel Perler's new home in Armonk, New York, is a comfortable seating area with beautiful views to the trees in front of the house, and open access to the adjacent kitchen and dining room. Pillows and accessories in pastel colors provide subtle visual accents around the room, as seen on Property Brothers. (Detail)

Photo By: Stephanie Diani / Getty Images f

Confident and Colorful

The comfortable seating area is visually punctuated with pastel pillows and accessories, which add the ideal amount of extra color to the room.

Photo By: Stephanie Diani / Getty Images f

Open Kitchen Cabinets

Not only is the renovated living room perfect for lounging, but it’s also ideal for entertaining thanks to features like this built-in bar with elegant quartzite countertop. Plus, the glass-front cabinet above the bar is great for extra storage.

Photo By: Stephanie Diani / Getty Images f

Bonus Room: Before

Fortunately, the house came with yet another bonus room. But unfortunately, the previous owners left it totally unfinished, with a cracked slab as the main focal point. The bonus room seemed pretty hopeless to the homeowners, so they were pretty skeptical when Jonathan and Drew mentioned converting the space into a playroom.

Photo By: Stephanie Diani / For Cineflix

Bonus Room: After

After repairing the slab and covering the walls in a fresh coat of white paint, the room was made even better with cheery and colorful decor.

Photo By: Stephanie Diani / Getty Images f

Perfectly Playful

The seemingly hopeless bonus room was turned into a magical playroom with the help of a colorful (but durable carpet), coordinated seating, charming accessories, and endless places to play.

Photo By: Stephanie Diani / Getty Images f

Fun and Games

Jonathan and Scott made sure to include plenty of storage for toys and games. Not to mention, even this white shelf incorporates grommet detailing. Talk about cohesive

Photo By: Stephanie Diani / Getty Images f

One Happy Family

Craig and Laurel Perler fell in love with the renovated playroom, and it seems safe to say their adorable daughter is pretty pleased as well. Drew and Jonathan succeeded yet again in transforming an out-of-date house into a modern, charming, and functional family home.

Photo By: Stephanie Diani / Getty Images f

New episodes of Property Brothers air Wednesdays at 9p | 8c on HGTV.

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