"Skinnylap" + More Hints of What's to Come in Fixer Upper Season 4

Fixer Upper's fourth season is shooting now and, as reported by Joanna in a filming update from the Magnolia Market blog, you can expect some new and different things in the coming episodes.

The new season four episodes may not air until late this year, but don't think for a minute that things are slowing down for Chip and Joanna Gaines. And according to Joanna's recent blog update, that's just fine with them. "That’s how Chip and I like to stay — moving," says Joanna. She reveals that, at the moment, they've got no less than eight renovation projects underway simultaneously, each of which can take from eight to 12 weeks to complete.

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The Magnolia construction team has grown to accommodate the ambitious escalation in projects and pace of filming the show. In her update, Joanna also provides insights on what a typical day in the life of Chip and Jo is like and offers a glimpse of some new elements for season four.

Things you can expect in the new season include – but are by no means limited to – a focus on more unique and tucked-away spaces, lots of kids' rooms and at least one space created with four-footed occupants in mind. For Joanna-design devotees, expect a new take on shiplap and (wait for it) ventures into bolder, brighter colors. Don't worry, though. The soft grays, bright whites and subtle shades of blue aren't likely to go away.

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And fear not, Chip fans, there will be plenty of 'demo day' as well as Chip's signature stunts and feats of derring-do that, this season, may reach some new heights. Also expect to see more on The Silos and a special episode dedicated to a special project. (Hint: There will be cupcakes.)

Skinnylap Fever! Catch It!

First things first. There are certain things that are sacred, so what about this new take on shiplap?  "Lately, I’ve loved incorporating 'skinnylap'," says Joanna, "[It's the] same idea as shiplap, but with thinner planks." We don't have any photos of skinnylap yet, so for now you'll just have to imagine. But as a concept, it certainly makes perfect sense. Same rustic aesthetic and texture, but broadens the material's design potential and range of applications. Did Joanna coin that term? Not sure, but here's a prediction: Skinnylap is about to take off.

The Nooks and Crannies

It's no secret — and a natural thing — that the reveals seen in episodes of Fixer Upper tend to focus on the big-payoff spaces. There's only so much that will fit into an hour of television, right? But what about those other spaces? Thinking beyond the living and dining room, kitchen and master suite, this season will include more of those other spaces that have eluded the cameras in earlier seasons.



and Joanna Gaines Fixer Upper

"In seasons past we’ve renovated whole homes, but only been able to show the exterior and a few rooms," writes Joanna. "We select the most dramatic rooms to reveal since we are limited on time. This year we’ll be branching out and showing off unique sitting nooks, fun playrooms and even a space that was specially designed for a client’s sweet furry friends."

The sun room of the Eggers home has been completely transformed and features custom flooring design, new light fixtures, and built in desks, as seen on Fixer Upper. (after #9)

Photo by: Rachel Whyte

Rachel Whyte

Speaking of Kids

The Gaines kids can one day brag that they've had an impact on those amazing designs seen in Chip and Joanna's renovations. "With all of the kid’s bedrooms and playrooms this coming season, having four kids of our own has been invaluable," writes Joanna. "They’ve helped big time with inspiration and design."

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"I want these spaces to be kid-friendly," Joanna continues, "but also stylish and something their parents love, too." Come to think of it, the kiddos can probably go ahead and start bragging now.

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Are You Ready to See Your Cupcakes?

Die-hard fans no doubt already know this, but one of the biggest pieces of news in the Fixer Upper universe is that Joanna is fulfilling a long-time dream by opening a bakery at The Silos. "The vision behind Magnolia Flour," said Joanna in a post on Instagram, "is that you feel my family's love for baking and experience an unexpected grouping of fresh baked pastries, breads and sweets." Expect the bakery to be featured in the upcoming season.

Dining Room Cupcake Decoration

Dining Room Cupcake Decoration

Lemon cupcakes on a metal stand sit on a slice of a tree trunk with an uplifting message.

From: Fixer Upper

Our Fave Furniture Designs From Fixer Upper

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And while awaiting the premiere of Fixer Upper  Season 4, let's revisit past episodes via these amazing furniture pieces made by carpenter and furniture artisan Clint Harp featured in Chip and Jo's renovations. Clint, by the way, will soon be featured in a special series of his own on DIY Network.

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