"Skinnylap" + More Hints of What's to Come in Fixer Upper Season 4

Fixer Upper's fourth season is shooting now and, as reported by Joanna in a filming update from the Magnolia Market blog, you can expect some new and different things in the coming episodes.

The new season four episodes may not air until late this year, but don't think for a minute that things are slowing down for Chip and Joanna Gaines. And according to Joanna's recent blog update, that's just fine with them. "That’s how Chip and I like to stay — moving," says Joanna. She reveals that, at the moment, they've got no less than eight renovation projects underway simultaneously, each of which can take from eight to 12 weeks to complete.

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The Magnolia construction team has grown to accommodate the ambitious escalation in projects and pace of filming the show. In her update, Joanna also provides insights on what a typical day in the life of Chip and Jo is like and offers a glimpse of some new elements for season four.

Things you can expect in the new season include – but are by no means limited to – a focus on more unique and tucked-away spaces, lots of kids' rooms and at least one space created with four-footed occupants in mind. For Joanna-design devotees, expect a new take on shiplap and (wait for it) ventures into bolder, brighter colors. Don't worry, though. The soft grays, bright whites and subtle shades of blue aren't likely to go away.

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And fear not, Chip fans, there will be plenty of 'demo day' as well as Chip's signature stunts and feats of derring-do that, this season, may reach some new heights. Also expect to see more on The Silos and a special episode dedicated to a special project. (Hint: There will be cupcakes.)

Skinnylap Fever! Catch It!

First things first. There are certain things that are sacred, so what about this new take on shiplap?  "Lately, I’ve loved incorporating 'skinnylap'," says Joanna, "[It's the] same idea as shiplap, but with thinner planks." We don't have any photos of skinnylap yet, so for now you'll just have to imagine. But as a concept, it certainly makes perfect sense. Same rustic aesthetic and texture, but broadens the material's design potential and range of applications. Did Joanna coin that term? Not sure, but here's a prediction: Skinnylap is about to take off.

The Nooks and Crannies

It's no secret — and a natural thing — that the reveals seen in episodes of Fixer Upper tend to focus on the big-payoff spaces. There's only so much that will fit into an hour of television, right? But what about those other spaces? Thinking beyond the living and dining room, kitchen and master suite, this season will include more of those other spaces that have eluded the cameras in earlier seasons.



and Joanna Gaines Fixer Upper

"In seasons past we’ve renovated whole homes, but only been able to show the exterior and a few rooms," writes Joanna. "We select the most dramatic rooms to reveal since we are limited on time. This year we’ll be branching out and showing off unique sitting nooks, fun playrooms and even a space that was specially designed for a client’s sweet furry friends."

The sun room of the Eggers home has been completely transformed and features custom flooring design, new light fixtures, and built in desks, as seen on Fixer Upper. (after #9)

Photo by: Rachel Whyte

Rachel Whyte

Speaking of Kids

The Gaines kids can one day brag that they've had an impact on those amazing designs seen in Chip and Joanna's renovations. "With all of the kid’s bedrooms and playrooms this coming season, having four kids of our own has been invaluable," writes Joanna. "They’ve helped big time with inspiration and design."

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"I want these spaces to be kid-friendly," Joanna continues, "but also stylish and something their parents love, too." Come to think of it, the kiddos can probably go ahead and start bragging now.

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Are You Ready to See Your Cupcakes?

Die-hard fans no doubt already know this, but one of the biggest pieces of news in the Fixer Upper universe is that Joanna is fulfilling a long-time dream by opening a bakery at The Silos. "The vision behind Magnolia Flour," said Joanna in a post on Instagram, "is that you feel my family's love for baking and experience an unexpected grouping of fresh baked pastries, breads and sweets." Expect the bakery to be featured in the upcoming season.

Dining Room Cupcake Decoration

Dining Room Cupcake Decoration

Lemon cupcakes on a metal stand sit on a slice of a tree trunk with an uplifting message.

From: Fixer Upper

Our Fave Furniture Designs From Fixer Upper

See All Photos
And while awaiting the premiere of Fixer Upper  Season 4, let's revisit past episodes via these amazing furniture pieces made by carpenter and furniture artisan Clint Harp featured in Chip and Jo's renovations. Clint, by the way, will soon be featured in a special series of his own on DIY Network.

Double Desks

A pair of wall-mounted work desks add just the right amount of function to this multi-use sunroom.

See the full makeover: Cottage Charmer With a Fun, Eclectic Vibe

How Things Turned Around

Clint added a sizable drawer to each desk and hand-turned the legs, a task that he says wasn't always so easy for him. "I hadn't had too much practice turning legs. One day in particular I tried to make a leg, and it took me basically all day, and by the time I was done, I didn’t even like it. My wife liked the leg, and my kids took it and covered it in encouraging stickers. I took it back to the shop and leaned it in the corner. A couple of weeks later, Jo stopped by with designs, and she really wanted a turned leg for her farm tables. She looked over in the corner and saw the leg covered in my kids’ stickers and said, 'That’s it. I love it! Use that for the Magnolia Farms tables.'"

See the full makeover: Cottage Charmer With a Fun, Eclectic Vibe

Photo By: Rachel Whyte

Warm Wood Vanities

Clint built the twin vanities in the Magnolia carriage house which include open shelving and a single drawer each. The dark stain and intricate turned legs add depth and interest to this light gray and white bathroom.

See the full makeover: The Carriage House at The Magnolia House

Bar on Wheels

For this 1971 ranch home, a man cave wouldn't be complete without a wall of guitars and this mobile bar. Clint covered the bar in beautiful shiplap that is planed down and refinished.

See the full makeover: A Coastal Makeover for a 1971 Ranch House

Photo By: Jennifer Boomer/Getty Images

Barn Banquet Hall

Seventeen feet in length, this impressive farm table makes the perfect spot for family gatherings and holiday meals.

See the full makeover: A Very Special House in the Country

Photo By: Rachel Whyte

Stylish + Solid Dining Table

Clint built this charming dining table out of reclaimed wood, which looks exceptional when paired with a large chandelier and comfy slipcovered chairs.

See the full makeover: 1905 Craftsman Fixer Upper for Two Fearless Newlyweds

Photo By: Rachel Whyte

Table for Four

For a homeowner who loves white, this four-person table is a simple and sweet addition to the new dining area, which was once a screened-in porch.

See the full makeover: Freshening Up a 1919 Bungalow for Empty Nesters

Photo By: Rachel Whyte

Tiny Table Details

Joanna designed this room for a mom who works from home, so an office/playroom fit the bill. Clint created a kid-sized table with lovely scalloped edges and perfectly-proportioned benches.

See the full makeover: A Contemporary Update for a Family Sized House

TLC Table

This spacious table was actually orginal to the home, so Clint restored the table and benches as a surprise for the new homeowners who had family ties to the old home.

See the full makeover: A Family Home Resurrected in Rural Texas

Front Porch Swing

Since Joanna wanted this home's new pair of porch swings to feel like they really belonged, she asked Clint to match them up to the home's new porch railing and trim.

See the full makeover: A Big Fix for a House in the Woods

Photo By: Rachel Whyte

Headboard With Delicate Details

Designed by Joanna, the showstopping headboard in this cottage bedroom was perfectly executed by Clint. An arched design mimics the brand new archways incorporated throughout the home.

See the full makeover: Brick Cottage for Baylor Grads

Waste Not

As a way to keep a part of the old house, Clint used wood salvaged during the demo to make this petite workstation.

See the full makeover: Texas-Sized House; Small Town Charm

Photo By: Rachel Whyte

Craft Services

One of Clint's most innovative pieces, this 4' by 4' craft table comes with built-in shelving for extra storage and easy access to craft supplies.

See the full makeover: A Ranch Home Update in Woodway, Texas

Photo By: Rachel Whyte

Sunroom Dining

To make this quaint table for the sunroom, Clint used reclaimed wood from the floors of an old mansion.

See the full makeover: The Raggedy Ranch and the Rocket Scientist

From: Chip Gaines and Joanna Gaines

Old Walls, New Island

Clint used a piece of salvaged wood from one of the home's original walls to make the top surface of this custom kitchen island.

See the full makeover: Country Style in a Very Small Town

Warm Woods and Metal

A stunning table and benches add so much warmth to the airy dining room. Clint opted for a black metal base to tie in with the home's new metal railing.

See the full makeover: Bringing a Modern Coastal Look to a "Faceless Bunker"

Candlestick Class

After a visit to his shop, Joanna ordered a plethora of Clint's hand-turned candlesticks to accessorize a pair of built-in bookshelves. One of the candlesticks (which Joanna jokes is hidden in the back) was actually the result of her first time using the lathe — under Clint's strict supervision of course!

See the full makeover: Classic and Traditional vs. New and Modern

Rail Car Dining

This expansive island features seating for five plus plenty of counter space for meal prep. Clint created the top of the island out of reclaimed wood flooring from an old rail car.  Joanna commented, "You can just see the years of wear and tear."

See the full makeover: Life Is Just a Tire Swing: A Woodway, Texas Fixer-Upper

A Fixed-Up Fireplace

Before the makeover, this fireplace was boarded up. Joanna painted it white; and to make it a real focal point, Clint added a brand new mantel made from a beam out of an old barn and white shiplap all the way to the ceiling.

See the full makeover: A 1940s Vintage Fixer Upper for First-Time Homebuyers

A Real Family (and Friends!) Table

This massive 16-foot table was definitely an undertaking. After helping Clint put it in place, Chip compared picking up the hefty table to carrying a Volkswagon. Says Chip, "That thing's a beast!"

See the full makeover: Yours, Mine, Ours and a Home on the River

Mobile Island

Clint built this one-of-a-kind rolling island for a young couple who owns their own coffee shop.

See the full makeover: A Craftsman Remodel for Coffeehouse Owners

Island + Pantry

Joanna wanted to give the couple plenty of storage, so Clint's design even features pullout drawers for easy access.

See the full makeover: A Craftsman Remodel for Coffeehouse Owners

Weird Wall No More

In an effort to prove to the homeowners that this unusual wall, affectionately called "The Alamo," was actually a plus, Joanna worked with Clint to totally turn it around.

See the full makeover: 1968 Fixer Upper in an Older Neighborhood Gets a Fresh Update

From: Joanna Gaines and Chip Gaines

Custom Outdoor Shelving

Clint started the backyard transformation with a set of floating shelves in natural wood that anchor the space and give the wall purpose, housing plants, plates and drinkware.

See the full makeover: 1968 Fixer Upper in an Older Neighborhood Gets a Fresh Update

Pretty Patterned Wood

Joanna specifically asked for a table that had a lot of variation in the wood, and that's exactly what she got. Of course, she couldn't help but throw an adorable flower box into her request for Clint.

See the full makeover: 1968 Fixer Upper in an Older Neighborhood Gets a Fresh Update

Photo By: Larsen & Talbert Photography

Custom Made Wooden Barstools

These beautiful barstools are the perfect addition to the new pass-through window and provide a great spot for a casual meal.

See the full makeover: A Rush to Renovate an '80s Ranch Home

Husband + Wife Design Duo

For his own episode of Fixer Upper, Clint made a beautiful kitchen island, which was topped in Carrera marble that his wife picked out.

See the full makeover: Tackling the Beast, Pt. 1

  1. kitchens

Photo By: Sarah Wilson/Getty Images

Sneaky Storage

He made the island out of reclaimed wood and was sure to include storage for kitchen necessities.

See the full makeover: Tackling the Beast, Pt. 2

Photo By: Sarah Wilson/Getty Images

Welcoming Entrance

Joanna asked Clint to make his own front door (a first for him). They installed the door without Clint being there so that the big reveal would still be a true surprise.

See the full makeover: Tackling the Beast, Pt. 1

Photo By: Sarah Wilson/Getty Images

Construction Site Unseen

"I truly make furniture out of some of the most awful pieces of wood, which are usually about to be taken to a landfill or burned," says Clint. "This door was made out of wood which just looked horrible. I often have this experience whenever I’m building with these materials where I find myself going, 'Oh crap, I really hope I can make this wood work!' I had that moment for sure with this door, but thankfully it worked out!"

See the full makeover: Tackling the Beast, Pt. 2

Photo By: Sarah Wilson/Getty Images

Touch of Class

For days when the weather is nice, Joanna wanted to give this family the option of homeschooling outside. That's where Clint and his farmhouse-style kids' table came in. 

Photo By: Sarah Wilson/ Getty Images

Surprise Patio

This sweet outdoor spot was designed for a couple who served as missionaries in Uganda. Their children hunted for the home and wanted a nice family spot as a surprise for their dad. That sentiment just so happens to be why Clint started Harp Design Co. in the first place. 

Photo By: Sarah Wilson/ Getty Images

Gather 'Round

"When we first started, the desire for the company came from a hope to see people gather around tables again — to cook together, eat together, talk together, and ultimately just be together,” explains Clint. It looks like he definitely achieved that goal with the McCall's new table.

Photo By: Sarah Wilson/ Getty Images

Weathered Craft Table

To make the perfect craft table, Clint took wood from the home's old deck. Not only did he save money by using salvaged wood, but the weathered look adds loads of personality to the space.

See the full makeover: Retro '70s Redo With a Dash of Fresh Herbs

From: Chip Gaines and Joanna Gaines

Joanna's Praises

Of course, Joanna knew Clint would have no problem with the task. "Basically, if there's something I'm daydreaming about as far as a piece of furniture, he makes it come to life," she says.

See the full makeover: Retro '70s Redo With a Dash of Fresh Herbs

From: Chip Gaines and Joanna Gaines

New Island, Old Look

For this kitchen, Joanna asked Clint to build a large island that would look as if it was already a part of the house. Clint, who is known for using salvaged wood, immediately started rummaging in the dumpster on site. Of course, Joanna got an ear full about not saving the wood from the renovation. "It's as if you don't know me at all," said Clint. Later, Joanna joked, "I did not salvage the reclaimed wood. And I got what they would call a butt chewing. Clint's in dumpster heaven right now."

See the full makeover: Back From the Brink

Photo By: Sarah Wilson/ Getty Images

Trash to Treasure

Clint also used the reclaimed wood to build a matching bench for the kitchen table. Joanna adored the table, telling Clint, "That's what was in my head, and you made it possible." Clint chimed in, "And that's what was in the dumpster!"

See the full makeover: Back From the Brink

Photo By: Sarah Wilson/ Getty Images

Staircase Spindles

In the same home, Clint was also able to create new spindles that fit in perfectly with the home's original staircase.

See the full makeover: Back From the Brink

Photo By: Sarah Wilson/ Getty Images

Ideal Reaction

For the very first episode of Fixer Upper, Joanna asked Clint to build this incredible wooden hood, which the homeowner instantly fell in love with. She said, "This is very cool. I love it. You're not going to see this in any home you walk into, which is why we wanted an old house — because of all those quirks and charms!"

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