8 of the Scariest HGTV Renovation 'Before' Rooms

Your favorite "afters" were some pretty terrifying "befores."

By: Jessica Galliart

Renovation shows like Flip or Flop have featured some notoriously nasty homes filled with garbage, cat hair and even livestock. But scarily daunting flips are not exclusive to Tarek and Christina. In honor of our favorite spooky holiday, here are a few other scary “before” rooms seen on HGTV’s renovation favorites.

Creepy Carpet Sunroom - Welcome Back Potter

Monica Potter and her sisters dove into a restoration of their long-abandoned family home after recently buying it back. They were pleasantly surprised to find many of their family belongings still in the house, after 30 years, in good shape. They can’t say the same for this sunroom’s questionable carpet, which the sisters said was buried under a layer of pet hair.

Litter-Box Living Room - Flip or Flop

Cat hair and feces are nothing when it comes to things found in a Flip or Flop house, but the amount of it in this particular project was hair-raising.

Bottomless Trash Can Backyard - Flip or Flop

If mystery is your thing, a house with a backyard straight out of Texas Chainsaw Massacre might be for you.

Guest House of Horrors -Vintage Flip

Good luck listing this one on Airbnb.

Red Room -Vintage Flip

Vintage Flip HVNFL107H

Vintage Flip HVNFL107H

Rancho Cucamonga, CA as seen on Vintage Flip. (Before)

There are no creepy finds in here aside from its '70s murder hotel decor, which is more than enough to scare buyers and guests away.

The Black Lagoon -The Vanilla Ice Project, DIY Network

The pool before renovations, as seen on The Vanilla Ice Project. (Before #5)

The enclosure over this backyard pool is actually a very large cage for containing the “creature.”

Nightmare Reno Room - Restoring Charleston, DIY Network

Though much of the house’s original features (door casings, fireplaces) were in decent shape, this 1895 Charleston Craftsman had some not-so-fun surprises in each of its rooms.

Funhouse Foyer - Restoring Charleston, DIY Network

The same house had plenty of otherworldly portals (holes) in its walls, including in the entryway. Please tell me you see that floating orb, too? Definitely not just dust.

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