Peak Mother-Daughter Moments Seen on 'Good Bones'

Now that's what we call a constructive relationship. (Sorry. We couldn't help ourselves.)

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Photo by: Zack Arias/Usedfilm Studios LLC

Zack Arias/Usedfilm Studios LLC

Some mother-daughter duos demonstrate their connection over intricate tea sets with matching Laura Ashley dresses. Karen E Laine and Mina Starsiak Hawk pair up with goggles and sledgehammers, and we love 'em for it.

This Mother's Day, why not skip the formal brunch reservations with the lady who raised you and demolish an old wall instead? Or, you know, live vicariously through Good Bones — a respectable Plan B if you lack safety goggles. Here are eight Karen-and-Mina moments we kind of want to scrapbook on their behalf.

The Impromptu High-Five Tutorial

The bad news: There is no awkwardness like the awkwardness of high-fiving a parent before you've shown her how it's done. The good news: It's kinda priceless when she finally gets it right.

Family in Another Time Zone

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, no? Mina reminds Karen that while she eases through her morning like a retiree, she is, in fact, a working house-flipper who has a job site waiting, despite the "perfect eggs" she's prepared.

Karen and Mina, Camp-Skit Comediennes

Sure, you could tell the folks at home about how expertly you and your mom just teamed up to install spindles on a banister without teaming up on a Family-Talent-Night-style sight gag, but why would you?

The Long-Distance-Phone-Call Pose

Karen and Mina have the sort of chemistry that makes for an (admittedly lovely) shot of them relaxing on a lawn together. With Indianapolis in the background, it looks like an outtake from one of those emotionally annihilating call-your-folks ads that made people all over the country sob at their televisions in the '90s. No, YOU'VE got dust in your eye.

Bonding Over Crafts

Building a cabinet with your daughter is the adult equivalent of constructing a gingerbread house with her, though we'd advise against trying to eat it.

Feats of Strength

Photo by: AJ Mast/AP Images

AJ Mast/AP Images

Moving day with Mom is a singular rite of passage — unless you're Mina, and you have packed furniture with her in and out of more than 20 houses. They would be a force to reckon with on the mother-daughter arm wrestling circuit, no?

Spoiler Alert

Karen lovingly refinishes an heirloom table for a couple whose huge family of kids and grandkids has been rather hard on their house. Mina ... only has dogs at home and is new to the tragic relationship between takeout and fine furniture.

The Accidental Christmas-Card Photo

Photo by: AJ Mast/AP Images

AJ Mast/AP Images

Technically, the focus of this scene is on staining stair treads to match laminate flooring, but the real story is clearly Karen in a beanie and overalls to match Mina (and vice versa).

Bonus Moment(s): Karen + Mina + Tad

Tad Starsiak is the head of the demolition crew, Mina's half-brother and, as Karen puts it, her son. What a simple, matter-of-fact reminder that you can build a family however you like.

Tune in for the season premiere of Good Bones on Tuesday, May 30 at 10|9c on HGTV.

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