Jonathan and Drew's 'Stranger Things' #TBT Wins the Internet

Here are six other times their throwback photos blew our minds.

According to the history of Twitter (which is an actual thing), social media users have been gleefully #TBT’ing moments from their past since April 2012. The Property Brothers, on the other hand, appear to have been planning this stuff for nearly four decades.

Jonathan and Drew both killed us dead last week with a perfectly-executed childhood-photo nod to Netflix’s Stranger Things (we sincerely hope their mom saved those bikes) and added a jewel to what can only be called their shared #TBT crown. Behold six of our favorite episodes in their ongoing, glorious exploration of the acronym.

#TBT (Tiniest Birthday Thursday)

Speaking of prescience, we have a feeling Joanne Scott knew what she was about when she put a pair of clowns on her sons’ cake.

#TBT (Treasuring Bread Thursday)

Remember when carbs and gluten were our delicious friends instead of dietary disasters? Eighties kids, Jonathan and Drew, do. We feel you, guys.

#TBT (Tent Bosses Thursday)

OK, so we know that Jonathan wore plaid even as a child, but what’s going on in those tents? And which was better furnished? If this is to be a true Brother vs. Brother prequel, we need some interior shots.

#TBT (Tartan-Bashful Thursday)

Speaking of wearing plaid as a child, it’s touching to see two young fellows celebrate their Scottish heritage so shyly. (Bonus points for their Scottish cowboy pajama version a few years later.)

#TBT (Triumphant Beavers Thursday)

According to the Scouts Canada manual, at a Wood Badge Opening Ceremony, Beavers stand in Chopping Position and their leader asks, “Who are you, and what do you do?” The Beavers reply, “Beavers beavers beavers, sharing sharing sharing!” This is one of the many reasons our neighbors to the north are nicer than we are.

#TBT (Tragic Blazers Thursday)

We’re not passing judgment on the brothers’ fashion decisions, mind you. That fabric just looks kind of flammable.

For more of the brothers’ journey through time and acronyms, check out Drew and Jonathan on Instagram — and catch new episodes of Property Brothers Wednesdays at 9|8c.

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