Go Extreme or Go Home: HGTV’s 'Extreme Homes'

Check out this collection of seven video highlights from HGTV’s 'Extreme Homes' featuring some amazing homes wherein “Art” is the operative word.

House-hunting excursions, flips and flops and fixer-uppers may be your HGTV bread and butter, but when you’re in the mood for something outside the mainstream, try dipping a toe into our provocative tour-series Extreme Homes. In each hour-long episode, you get an inside/outside look at some of the world’s most unusual, creatively imagined, visually challenging and downright outlandish residences.

Be forewarned. This is at a far end of the spectrum from your standard house-hunting or home improvement fare. But don’t be afraid to explore the fringes. As gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson famously said, “Buy the ticket, take the ride.” For a sampling, check out these video hightlights that focus on homes where art is a driving factor behind conception and design — and, in some cases, where the home itself becomes the sculpted piece of art.

To wit…

The Four-in-One House

Murcia, Spain

Architect Clavel Rojo custom designed this house to fulfill the wishes of clients who wanted a home that served four discrete purposes: a gallery to display a large art collection, a space to host extravagant parties, deluxe accommodation for overnight guests and an efficiently designed private residence. The large modular house incorporates four stacked units to fill each of those requirements. The party space, by the way, is below ground so loud music and celebration won’t disturb neighbors.

The Whimsey House

Sarasota, Florida

When artist couple Kiaralinda and Todd Ramquist bought their suburban Florida home it was beige, bland and ordinary. What has evolved over 30 years is a kaleidoscopic dayglo vision that might have come from a fevered dream of Antoni Gaudi – or maybe Pee Wee Herman. Inspiration for the home’s exterior draws on the painted-lady Victorians of San Francisco, and the owners have bedazzled almost every square inch inside and out with kitschy curios and found items – including a collection of more than 700 brightly hued and hand-painted bowling balls.

Here’s a video collection that features these as well as five more art-driven Extreme Homes.

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