'Flip or Flop' is Here to Horrify You Into Spring Cleaning

These awesomely bad "befores" from Flip or Flop and its Vegas and Atlanta spin-offs will have you running for disinfectant and trash bags. (Don't worry, we'll show you the "afters," too.)

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Some chores (looking at you, sweeping and mopping) are both important and awfully underwhelming. Though you know you've put elbow grease into cleaning house, your finished space ... kind of looks the way it did before you started. Such is emphatically not the case with the most notorious Flip or Flop makeovers, which seem to involve dumpsters, power washers and exorcists. Consider these Flip or Flop classics — and their brand-new, equally-hair-raising counterparts in Vegas and Atlanta — motivation to keep things squeaky-clean wherever you are.

Not-So-Sweet Dreams

From Flip or Flop

From Flip or Flop

This master bedroom in La Mirada, Calif., has it all: grungy tile, random garbage, broken furniture and a busted window. A little paint and carpet (and a lot of cleaning supplies) make it fit for human habitation once more.

We Didn't Start the Fire

From Flip or Flop

From Flip or Flop

What has inexplicable office furniture, a vandalized television and a big, old pile of dirty clothes? A living room in Corona, Calif., where it probably isn't all that safe to light a match, if we're being honest.

Someone's in the Kitchen...

From Flip or Flop

From Flip or Flop

...with everything they own? Even an awkward fireplace and super-low ceiling fan can't draw the eye from the disturbing junk in this California kitchen.

No Parking

From Flip or Flop Vegas

From Flip or Flop Vegas

In some cases, small changes can make a big difference — such as when you tow a derelict car out of the backyard. This Vegas property, rehabbed by demo expert (and MMA fighter) Bristol Marunde and his design-minded wife, Aubrey, is on its way to greatness once it loses its Grand Theft Auto look.

It's Not Easy Being Green

From Flip or Flop Vegas

From Flip or Flop Vegas

Speaking of Vegas yards, at least the lawn in this one is lush and — wait, that's a swimming pool? We must never speak of this again.

More is More

From Flip or Flop Vegas

From Flip or Flop Vegas

Who knew "grimy minimalism" was a thing? Filth is more than this dilapidated living room's defining feature — it's its sole feature. Thank goodness for staging (and, you know, windows).

Now We're Cooking

From Flip or Flop Atlanta

From Flip or Flop Atlanta

Skanky detritus and dented folding chairs were a big trend in kitchens, to be sure, but this Marietta space benefits more than a little from new cabinetry, appliances and fixtures. Ken and Anita Corsini, rehabbers who flip more than 100 houses in the Atlanta metro area each year, have their work cut out for them, here.

Bath Half-Empty

From Flip or Flop Atlanta

From Flip or Flop Atlanta

The first rule of rehabbing a bathroom that lacks a toilet: Make someone else clean the tub. (And what happened to that plunger? We don't even want to know.)

Where will Flip or Flop clean next? Catch Flip or Flop Vegas on Thursday nights at 9|8c, and stay tuned for the premiere of Flip or Flop Atlanta in June.

23 Incredible Transformations from 'Flip or Flop'

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BEFORE: 1980s Flooring

Grimy walls and outdated linoleum make this Garden Grove living room a ghastly sight for home buyers.

Photo By: unknown

AFTER: So Fresh, So Clean

New flooring, a fresh coat of paint and stylish furniture staging transform this formerly uninhabitable living room.

BEFORE: Hole Lot of Issues

This bathroom was outdated, dirty and even a safety hazard with a giant hole in the floor. 

AFTER: Whole Floor

A custom shower with intricate tile details, new fixtures and new flooring to fill in the hole next to the tub pull together this renovated bathroom.

BEFORE: Garbage House

This bedroom with an interesting corner window was overwhelmed by left behind clutter and damaged drywall.

Photo By: unknown

AFTER: Black and White Bedding

New drywall and a light color scheme create an enviable space for a guest room.

Photo By: unknown

BEFORE: Ugly Tile Everywhere

If too much of a good thing is bad, too much of a bad thing, like the tile and backsplash in this kitchen, is really bad.

Photo By: unknown

AFTER: Bold Backsplash

Renovation standards like new appliances and modern cabinets lead the way for this kitchen makeover, but the dark gray, brick pattern backsplash immediately grabs your attention.

BEFORE: Bulky Brick Fireplace

Instead of being the focal point of this large living room, the fireplace here is simply an eyesore.

Photo By: unknown

AFTER: Sparkling New Fireplace Tile

New sliding doors, fresh paint and a stunning fireplace makeover give this living room serious California vibes.

BEFORE: What's in the Tub?

This bathroom came with a broken sink and mysterious substances in the shower before Tarek and Christina gutted it.

Photo By: unknown

AFTER: No More Shower Sludge

All white fixtures and paint make the formerly scary shower stall an interesting focal point. 

Photo By: unknown

BEFORE: Small Guest Room

Despite the boarded up window, the futon in this room suggests it was a bedroom at one point.

Photo By: unknown

AFTER: Guest-Approved

Strategic staging in this renovated bedroom make it feel more cozy than cramped. 

Photo By: unknown

BEFORE: Exterior Eyesore

Boarded up windows and neglected landscaping made this potentially gorgeous home look more like a condemned haunted house. 

Photo By: unknown

AFTER: Green Goddess

New sod makes the freshly painted house's yard stand out -- for the better. 

Photo By: unknown

BEFORE: Dark and Outdated Living Room

Underneath the garbage left behind by the previous owners are outdated tile and a monochromatic color scheme that make this room feel cold and unappealing.

Photo By: unknown

AFTER: Modern Mantel

New hardwood floors and an updated fireplace give this living room a modern but cozy feel.

BEFORE: Office Junk

Tarek and Christina imagined this as an office space, even though there clearly hadn't been much work happening here. 

Photo By: unknown

AFTER: Clean Office Space

The now decluttered office space gets lots of light, creating a professional nook for the new homeowner.

Photo By: unknown

BEFORE: Dark Hallway

Outdated cabinets and lighting and slightly too dark paint make this upstairs hallway feel enclosed and cramped.

Photo By: unknown

AFTER: Bright and Open

New flooring contrasts with the updated hallway cabinets and fresh coat of neutral paint.

BEFORE: Retro Bathroom Slider

A sliding door for a big bathtub isn't exactly what we'd call relaxing.

Photo By: unknown

AFTER: Modern Shower Stunner

Tarek and Christina scrapped the awkward bathtub for this massive and super stylish shower.

Photo By: unknown

BEFORE: So Much Beige

The beige exterior with brown trim does this interesting house no justice. 

Photo By: unknown

AFTER: Pop of Color

Modern blue paint with white trim and a newly opened up entrance make this house nearly unrecognizable. 

Photo By: unknown

BEFORE: On the Fence

The white picket fence and neglected landscaping make this house feel uninviting and out of place on its block. 

Photo By: unknown

AFTER: Low Maintenance Bonus

Tarek and Christina not only gave the exterior a fresh coat of paint, they installed drought-resistant landscaping in front to up the house's curb appeal. 

Photo By: unknown

BEFORE: Additional Woes

A non-permitted addition and a neglected backyard created major challenges for this renovation. 

Photo By: unknown

AFTER: New Back Patio

Tarek and Christina traded in an ugly, non-permitted addition for a slick back patio and fresh sod for the backyard. 

Photo By: unknown

BEFORE: Stairway to Nowhere

The rickety railing and carpeted steps on this staircase off the main floor is more of a farce than a feature. 

AFTER: Stairway to Heaven

A few simple upgrades like a new railing and wood steps take this staircase to the next level. 

Photo By: unknown

BEFORE: Boring Kitchen Cabinets

There's plenty of space to work with after Tarek and Christina do a full gut of this outdated kitchen. 

Photo By: unknown

AFTER: Modern Accents

Yellow pops of color in this completely redone kitchen carry the renovated home's modern theme throughout. 

Photo By: unknown

BEFORE: Home Without a Heart

The fireplace with an outdated rock facade is topped off with a wood panel that distracts more than it attracts. 

Photo By: unknown

AFTER: New Fireplace Facade

Staggered laminate above the fireplace brings a unique element to this totally transformed living room.

Photo By: unknown

BEFORE: Vintage Pink Bathroom

The funky counter and color scheme in this outdated bathroom were not going to fit in well with the rest of the house's modern renovations.

Photo By: unknown

AFTER: Back to 2016

Classic white fixtures and new neutral flooring bring this bathroom into the 21st Century. 

Photo By: unknown

BEFORE: Log Cabin Living Room

Wood paneling covering every inch of this great room give off more of a cabin in the country feel than California vibes. 

Photo By: unknown

AFTER: Gloriously Gray

Bright neutral colors throughout and a fresh paint job on the formerly dark and bulky fireplace create an attractive, opened up space for home buyers.

Photo By: unknown

BEFORE: Bedroom Bummer

This bedroom on the small side needed some design love to make it feel more open and inviting.

AFTER: Sleep Tight

New flooring, a fresh coat of paint and strategic staging give this small bedroom the lift it needed.

Photo By: unknown

BEFORE: Backyard Redo

Overgrown landscaping and an unpermitted patio cover mean lots of work for this renovation. 

Photo By: unknown

AFTER: Grass Appeal

New sod and a light gray paint job give this home the TLC it desperately needed.

Photo By: unknown

BEFORE: Awkward Kitchen Layout

The lack of countertop space in this kitchen keep it from being the functional hangout space it could be.

Photo By: unknown

AFTER: A Fresh Start

Brand new cabinets and a countertop addition contrast well with the dark flooring in this kitchen rehab. 

Photo By: unknown

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