Fill Your Walls With 'Fixer Upper'-Inspired Artwork: 11 Easy-to-Copy Looks

Blank walls? No problem. Borrow some of these unconventional wall art and decor tips and ideas from 'Fixer Upper' favorites Chip and Joanna.
Chip and Joanna Gaines of Fixer Upper

Chip and Joanna Gaines of Fixer Upper

Designers Chip and Joanna Gaines stand in the kitchen they renovated on HGTV's Fixer Upper.

From: Fixer Upper

Photo by: Larsen & Talbert Photography

Larsen & Talbert Photography

No matter how stylish your furnishings and snazzy your floor coverings, if your walls are bare, your decor can feel, well, blah. The good news is that covering your walls doesn’t have to break the bank. Fixer Upper duo Joanna and Chip show us that with a little imagination, blank walls can be transformed easily. 

Master Bathroom With a Personal Touch

Master Bathroom With a Personal Touch

Chip and Joanna Gaines had the homeowners' favorite quote etched in sheet metal and hung as an art piece in their master bathroom for them to reflect on everyday, as seen on HGTV's Fixer Upper

From: Fixer Upper

Try Customized Quote Art

Do you have a favorite quote? How about some words or a phrase that means something to you? Make those a part of your home décor. Paint those words on a blank canvas, stencil the words directly on the wall or buy a pre-made work of art with your family’s special phrase.

Hosts Chip and Joanna Gaines completely transformed the Jonklaas’ kitchen by removing the wall to the dining room and creating a more open flow to the space. A new natural stone backsplash, stainless steel appliances and fixtures were installed. A chalk board with tonight's dinner menu hangs between the kitchen and dining room, as seen on HGTV’s Fixer Upper. (after)

Photo by: Sarah Wilson/ Getty Images

Sarah Wilson/ Getty Images

Add a Chalkboard

A chalkboard is a fun way to not only fill the walls, but also communicate with the family. Joanna uses as chalkboard in a kitchen to list the menu for the evening. We also love chalkboards in the playroom with reminders or in the family room with a sweet saying, such as “God Bless This Mess.”

Dining Room With Modern Chandelier

Dining Room With Modern Chandelier

Eames inspired molded chairs with metal bases, a simple unadorned dining table and visually striking chandelier help define the new dining space.

From: Fixer Upper

Modernize Flea Market Maps

Scour a few tag sales, thrift stores or flea markets and you are sure to find old photographs and maps that speak to you. Ever wonder what to do with them, though? Joanna loves using these treasures as wall hangings. Make the display more modern by using inexpensive frames to divide the map or photos up, making a multi-frame collage.

Pastel Blue Dining Room Featuring Chocolate Brown Leather Chairs and Metal Wall Letters

Pastel Blue Dining Room Featuring Chocolate Brown Leather Chairs and Metal Wall Letters

Light blue-gray walls are an airy backdrop to the saturated, rich tones of the dining set up. Tufted chocolate brown leather chairs surround a smooth wood dining table lit by a curled chandelier hanging above. Exposed beams compliment the table finish and hardwood floor peaking out from under the area rug. Black metal letters spell out "Home" on the wall for a comforting and decorative finish.

From: Fixer Upper

Photo by: Sarah Wilson/ Getty Images

Sarah Wilson/ Getty Images

Spell It Out

Using vintage letters (found at nearly every flea market), decorate a wall with a word or words that hold meaning to your family. Choose to hang the letters spelling out your last name, or try words like “home,” “love,” “play,” or even “eat” for the kitchen. You can also hang the letters of your family monogram for a fun décor twist.

Metal Planter Decor in Entryway

Metal Planter Decor in Entryway

A metal planter is centered within an old wooden frame that hangs above an old fashioned wooden chest in the entryway. The old metal fan and old soda dispensers are unique design pieces, as seen on HGTV's Fixer Upper.

From: Fixer Upper

Hang a Frame

Don’t toss a perfectly framed painting (or overlook one at a flea market) just because the actual artwork isn’t your taste. The frame itself can often be used as the wall hanging, sans the canvas or painting in the frame. 

Rustic Console and Hall Mirror in Entryway of Renovated Home

Rustic Console and Hall Mirror in Entryway of Renovated Home

The remodeled foyer opens onto the living room and is accessorized with a rustic console and hall mirror.

From: Fixer Upper

Photo by: Rachel Whyte

Rachel Whyte

Add Some Shine + Glitz

While mirrors serve an obvious purpose when it comes to fixing your hair or applying makeup, they also shine when it comes to sprucing up a bare wall. Plus, mirrors can be found easily, and with an affordable price tag. Whether vintage or painted a favorite hue, mirrors open up a room by giving the illusion of depth to a flat wall.

After: Guest Room Seating

After: Guest Room Seating

The garage-turned-guest room has added bar seating for entertaining.

From: Fixer Upper

Make a Big Impact With Oversized Clocks

There’s no time like the present to use an oversized clock as wall decor.  Find an old one at a flea market, or choose a new one simply made to look vintage. If the clock isn’t actually functioning, set it to a time that’s meaningful to your family.

After: Country Corner

After: Country Corner

A corner of the living room is decorated with a wood relief door, accent table and galvanized metal vase with olive branches.

From: Fixer Upper

Add Character With Recycled Decor

A rusty and weathered gate or door might not serve its function anymore, but that simply means it now can be art. Save architectural remnants from the recycling pile and hang them as wall décor, or even a headboard over a bed. 

Modern Master Bedroom With Pendant Lights

Modern Master Bedroom With Pendant Lights

Joanna Gaines brightened up the bedroom but kept the feeling warm with dark wood floors and painted brick accent wall.

From: Fixer Upper

Hang Vintage Numbers

Turn your lucky number into a work of art. Vintage advertising numbers and signs, or a blank canvas painted with a bold number, make for simple, yet fun, wall filler.

Dining Area With Built-In Breakfast Nook

Dining Area With Built-In Breakfast Nook

Joanna Gaines delineated the space with this built-in booth reminiscent of a classic diner.

From: Fixer Upper

Display a Collection

When one small item isn’t enough to make a statement, collect a handful and the impact is far greater. Average-sized mirrors, clocks, paintings or picture frames hung together, as a grouping, make for an easy and attractive way to fill a big space.

Nursery in Barrett Home

Nursery in Barrett Home

Joanna Gaines accessorized the nursery with an antique window wall-hanging, green glass vases and mobile with carved birds.

From: Fixer Upper

Use Windows as Wall Art 

Don’t ignore an old, shabby window just because the paint is peeling, the frame is cracked or the glass is broken. This is a DIY opportunity to reuse! Incorporate a window frame into your décor by using it as art work. Hang it with or without the glass, and the rougher the paint, the better!

More Ways to Fill Blank Walls

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Frame More Than Just Artwork

Copy This Look: Repurpose an old wooden frame and a steel magazine storage bucket to create a unique wall planter.

Alphabet Wall Art

Copy This Look: Love typography art? Skip the single letter statement and spring for a gallery wall full of thrifted or new letters. For a collected look, use letters with a variety of colors and textures.

From: Chip Gaines and Joanna Gaines

Spell Out a Meaningful Quote

Copy This Look: A custom black metal sign with a positive message greets guests in this entry space. Have a saying your family loves? Get a sign custom-made, or paint wooden letters to spell it out.

From: Chip Gaines and Joanna Gaines

Photo By: Sarah Wilson/ Getty Images © 2013, HGTV/ Scripps Networks, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Mount Your Wreath With Style

Copy This Look: A wreath mounted on a piece of decorative iron fencing becomes a focal point in this room; Use long-lasting magnolia or eucalyptus leaves for a touch of greenery.

Steal the Show With Marquee Letters

Copy This Look: Metal letters spelling the word "€œhome"€ hang near this former "Fixer Upper's" breakfast bar. Scour the flea market for single marquee letters; combining a mix of styles creates a collected look.

Hang a Chalkboard Menu

Copy This Look: A chalk board with tonight's dinner menu hangs between the kitchen and dining room. To recreate this look, build your own chalkboard using reclaimed wood and chalkboard paint, then hang it with a piece of sturdy twine.

Photo By: Sarah Wilson/ Getty Images

Bold Text

Copy This Look: Joanna Gaines accesorized the dining area with a banner displaying the word "kitchen" in a dozen languages. For a similar look, stencil a piece of black oilcloth with your favorite international word or phrase.

Shiplap + Signage

Copy This Look: This vintage-style sign sits atop century-old shiplap. Search for your own at rustic home decor shops or your favorite flea market.

Add a Personal Touch

Copy This Look: Chip and Joanna Gaines had the homeowners' favorite quote etched in sheet metal and hung as an art piece in their master bathroom for them to reflect on everyday.

Find a Structural Piece With a Story

Copy This Look: Scour your local architectural salvage for a structural piece that can double as artwork. Hang it as a backdrop for accent pieces, like the metal vase filled with olive branches that Joanna selected.

Large-Scale Signage

Copy This Look: For a large-scale art piece, Joanna filled a whole wall with a vintage wooden store sign. If you can't live without this one-of-a-kind find, try recreating the look with salvaged wood.

Grocery Store Decor

Copy This Look: Scour flea markets for large original grocery store signs, or visit your local rustic decor store for a vintage-inspired replica.

Frame Almost Anything

Copy This Look: European grain sacks become textural artwork when grouped in black frames.

Chalkboards Go Green

Copy This Look: Chalkboard paint is having a moment, but green, classroom-style chalkboards offer more of a vintage vibe. Hang a large one behind the sofa and draw an easy-to change piece of art.

Mirror, Mirror

Copy This Look: A new hutch sits beneath a vintage, locker room-style mirror. Find one with a shelf or hooks to add even more character with flowers and personal touches.

Photo By: Rachel Whyte

Add a (Decorative) Window

Copy This Look: Joanna Gaines accessorized the nursery with an antique window wall-hanging, green glass vases and mobile with carved birds.

Use Glass Jars for Inexpensive Vases

Copy This Look: Use food coloring to dye plain glass jars a vintage-style green, or buy pre-dyed glasses at your local craft store. Make them into a hanging focal point by wrapping the lip with floral wire and filling with your favorite dried flower, like the baby's breath Joanna used here.

Embrace Clock Decor

Copy This Look: Visit your local vintage store and stock up on vintage-style clocks for a unique gallery wall perfect for a breakfast nook or dining area.

Railroad Crossing, Transformed

Copy This Look: Even the most unexpected salvaged piece can make an impact when turned into wall art. Here, a railroad crossing sign adds a vintage touch by the door.

Handmade Paper Adds Texture on the Walls

Copy This Look: A piece of handmade paper gets a style boost from a metallic frame and a dark-colored mat that highlights the paper's texture.

Rustic Entryway Wall Shelf

Copy This Look: Add style and function to the entryway with a shelf to hang coats and essentials and also display rustic accessories.

Book Decor Adds Modern Texture

Copy This Look: These unique wood and metal shelves are useful and decorative storage pieces. Here, Joanna displays books backwards to emphasize their aged ivory pages.

Draw Inspiration From Botanical Prints

Copy This Look: The centerpiece of this home's mantel is a black-and-white botanical print. Joanna surrounded the print with basic glass jars filled with seasonal cuttings.

Photo By: Rachel Whyte

Spring for Library-Style Shelving

Copy This Look: Transform reclaimed wood and galvanized plumbing pipe into a tall bookshelf that doubles as focal point for this living room.

Industrially-Inspired Storage

Copy This Look: For a simpler take on the library shelving, create a single bookcase using plumbing pipes and basic lumber.

Try a Color Swatch Gallery Wall

Copy This Look: Want to recreate this craft room gallery wall at home? Print your own oversized squares in the colors of your choice, then frame in a grid. Let the creativity begin!

Try a Faux Mantel

Copy This Look: No fireplace? No problem! Scour flea markets and architectural salvage shops for a mantel with a story instead. Here, Joanna added a clock, books and flowers to create a warm vignette, sans fire.

From: Chip Gaines and Joanna Gaines

Photo By: Sarah Wilson/ Getty Images © 2013, HGTV/ Scripps Networks, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Repurpose an Old Headboard

Copy This Look: Host Joanna repurposed an old headboard to create a display shelf for plates and table decor. Now painted white, it matches the white wood pendant light and the vintage-inspired farm table.

Photo By: Sarah Wilson/Getty Images

Think in Pairs

Copy This Look: Bright green wreaths mounted on metal screens with wood frames serve as art pieces this dining room. Double or triple up interesting wall art pieces to create more visual impact.

Photo By: Sarah Wilson/Getty Images

Classic Monochromatic Monogram

Copy This Look: A metal letter sign displays "g" for Gulley and provides a background for the monochromatic white vase with white flowers.

Go Big With Salvaged Wall Art

Copy This Look: A section of a windmill fan serves as a compelling piece of wall decor above a rustic wood console.

Try a Vertical Garden

Copy This Look: A modern metal planter with terra cotta pots serves as an art piece in this dining room. Joanna used easy-to-care-for succulents, but this treatment would work equally well for an indoor herb garden.

Photo By: Sarah Wilson/ Getty Images

Old Molding Made New

Copy This Look: Joanna and Chip hung a piece of salvaged molding over this home's mantel, elevating this to center stage in this living room space.

Carved Wood Wall Art

Copy This Look: A carved wall hanging provides a dramatic visual focal point above the fireplace and is an ideal pairing with the dark stained wood mantel.

Try Nautical Accents

Copy This Look: Live on the waterfront, or just love cozy coastal style? Embrace it by scouring your local rustic decor store for a large-scale nautical sign.

Ceiling Medallions Add Style on the Walls

Copy This Look: This stunning mantel centerpiece began its life as a ceiling medallion. To recreate this look at home, find an inexpensive medallion at your local home improvement store, then paint or stain to match your home's decor.

Planters That Double at Focal Points

Copy This Look: A green take on wall decor uses raw wood planks as planters for succulents.

A Prayer Piece

Copy This Look: A comforting prayer hangs as an art piece above the crib in the nursery. Find a meaningful passage and write or print it in a script font for easy-to-create, personalized wall art.

Put Mugs on Display

Copy This Look: Your quirky mug collection can double as wall art if you hang a wire rack like Chip and Joanna did here.

Look Up to Add Storage

Copy This Look: Walls aren't just for artwork; add function to the form with metal storage baskets. In this nursery, they hold toys and books out of reach of little hands.

Decorative Vintage Doors

Copy This Look: These vintage doors, chosen by designers Chip and Joanna Gaines, add a touch of architecture and elegance to this living room. To recreate the look, find a matching set of doors with a glass detail at your local architectural salvage shop.

Photo By: Larsen & Talbert Photography

From Old to Art

Copy This Look: An old wooden door and industrial metal planters serve as art pieces on the wall of the living room.

Add a Chalkboard Wall

Copy This Look: Adding chalkboard paint on this coffee bar wall creates a cafe-like atmosphere, while the floating shelves add a hint of rustic style.

From: Chip Gaines and Joanna Gaines

Photo By: Sarah Wilson/ Getty Images © 2013, HGTV/ Scripps Networks, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

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