Meet the Ultimate 'Fixer Upper' Superfan

Fixer Upper's aftershow host, James McDaniel, has been a fan since day one. Find out how he went from live tweeter to HGTV Live.

As seen on FIxer Upper, Chip and Joanna Gaines in the living room of the Swartz's remodeled houseboat. (Portrait)

From: Fixer Upper

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Jennifer Boomer/Getty Images

Show: Fixer Upper

He might seem like an unlikely Fixer Upper superfan and aftershow host, but James McDaniel has been cheering on Chip and Joanna Gaines since day one.

"One of my friends was working on the crew and she told me about the premise of the show," he says. "I like to support my friends, so I tuned in and started watching the first episode. I think my first tweet was to Chip about his crooked tooth. My friend texted and told me that she was watching with Chip and Joanna and that they were reading my tweets out loud and laughing."

Maybe it was the shiplap. Maybe it was the #demoday fun. Maybe it was tweeting with Chip during the episodes. Either way, James was hooked. He started live tweeting every episode of Fixer Upper, bantering with Chip, Joanna, show producers and other fans on Tuesday nights.

"Chip started direct messaging me on Twitter, and he even called me out on his ALS Ice Bucket Challenge video," James says. "I've got a standing invitation to visit the whole crew in Waco, too."

Chip and Jo weren't the only ones watching James tweet every week; the HGTV digital team also noticed the fun from @peppermintfatty. When the idea of an aftershow came up, James immediately came to mind.

James, a Louisiana Tech alumni who anchors two sports radio programs in Louisiana, dreams of traveling the country in a tiny home with his two dogs, Panda and Pupadup. He will be live after tonight's Fixer Upper on the HGTV Live Facebook page. Watch the episode, then join him to let him know your favorite part.

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