Discovering Nashville With the Listed Sisters

Find out what Lex and Alana love most about their lives in Nashville, including one surprising activity you definitely wouldn't guess!

Hosts Lex and Alana LeBlanc

Photo by: Matt Blair

Matt Blair

Hosts Lex and Alana LeBlanc

Twin sisters Lex and Alana LeBlanc (Lex is oldest by only two minutes!) are two of HGTV’s freshest faces, working hard to give their clients the home of their dreams while simultaneously giving their current home a facelift in hopes of selling for top dollar. We recently had the pleasure of sitting down with this talented Nashville-based duo to find out what life in the Music City is all about. 

What do you love most about living in Nashville?

Lex: I’m very lucky, because I actually live right next to a grocery store. That sounds crazy, but I get to walk. And moving from New York, I used to love to walk everywhere. So, I love our little neighborhood. It’s just a nice, tight little community.

Lex LeBlanc

Photo by: Matt Blair

Matt Blair

Lex LeBlanc

Do you guys get to see each other very often when you aren’t working?

Alana: Every single day. I live like a mile from her, so I’m always like, "Hey sis, what are you doing? I’m coming over."

Lex: And we both have kids, so they play: playdates, sleepovers, et cetera.

Alana: But she never comes to my house! Ever.

Lex: My house is cute, and yours is so small. There’s only one bathroom!

Alana LeBlanc

Photo by: Matt Blair

Matt Blair

Alana LeBlanc

What Nashville food is a must try?

Lex: If we weren’t vegetarians, we would say hot chicken! But I’d say Rolf & Daughters is my favorite restaurant right now.

Alana: My favorite is Chauhan Ale & Masala. It’s amazing!

Alana Barnett and Lex LeBlanc of Listed Sisters.

Photo by: Zack Arias/UsedFilm Studio LLC

Zack Arias/UsedFilm Studio LLC

What’s your favorite Nashville hotspot?

Lex: I don’t even know. I’m a mom, so we don’t go anywhere except for the park. But Alana is always out and about and on the town. She actually likes to go honky tonkin’!

Alana: Okay…honestly, I do love going down to the honky tonks. Robert’s Western World is my favorite, but I like Tootsie's, too. I only go during the week, because the weekend is too chaotic. And I don’t go like every day…

Lex: It’s strange going to Tootsie's when you’re a local, but Robert’s is great for locals.

Alana: We actually bring our kids down during the day, and we do some dancing. It’s day time, so no one’s down there being crazy yet. The kids are so cute. I’m like, "Where are we going, kiddos?" And they’ll say, "We’re going to the honky tonks! We’re honky tonkin’!"

Check Out Their Nashville Bungalow Makeover

See All Photos

Tiny Bungalow Transformed

HGTV's "Listed Sisters" Lex and Alana helped a Nashville family turn a cramped and ragged 1250-square-foot home into this highly desirable showplace that's fully market-ready. The renovation is the first phase of a well orchestrated plan to help move a family of six into their perfect dream home.

Dual Threat

Identical twins Alana and Lex are a perfect match when it comes to real estate and home design. Together they make it possible for homeowners locate their future-perfect residence while getting their current home ready to sell for top dollar.

The Finder

Real estate agent Alana's knowledge of the market and intuitive sense for her clients' needs help her narrow the searches of prospective homebuyers to find something that will suit both their taste and their budgets.

The Fixer

Meanwhile, Lex with her keen design style and renovation know-how heads up a crew of pros to renovate, repair and stage the clients' current home to maximize its resale value.

Meet the Blaney Family

Alana and Lex's clients, Chris and Jen, moved to Nashville where Chris could pursue his music career. They bought a tiny fixer-upper with the intent of flipping it, but somehow life just kept getting in the way. Now, with four growing kids, they're more than eager to move out of their 2-bedroom, 1-bath, 1250-square-foot home and into something better suited to a family of six.

Front Room, BEFORE

Lex and Alana recognized quickly that the Blaney house, though far too small for a family of six, offered plenty to work with. It came with high ceilings, hardwood floors and a classic and inviting front room. But, with the dining area just inside the front door, the current layout was slightly awkward.

Front Room, AFTER

Lex returned the front room to it's original configuration, with the front entry opening directly into the living area. She also brightened the space with a fresh coat of paint in a neutral gray.

Front Room, BEFORE

Front Room, AFTER

Lex staged the living room with contemporary furnishings but opted to retain the original tile on the fireplace which, in this traditional style home, is a big selling point for potential  buyers.

And So It Begins

Lex's project manager Trey takes a sledgehammer to a kitchen wall as demo gets underway. To enlarge the kitchen and give the home a greater overall sense of space, cabinets are removed and the wall between the kitchen and dining room is opened up. 

Double Trouble

Lex and Alana confer on the progress at the Blaney house as demolition, repairs and remodeling continue.

Master Bedroom, BEFORE

The home had a sizable master bedroom, but no master bath and a closet so tiny that it's depth was less than the width of a standard hanger.

Master Bedroom, AFTER

In the renovated master, the door that had opened onto the kitchen is closed off and, in its place, a new full-sized closet was built out.

Master Bedroom, AFTER

Damaged plaster is repaired and new drywall added to walls and ceiling. New paint and well coordinated furnishings help give the new bedroom the feel of a private retreat.

Master Bedroom, AFTER

Master Bedroom, Detail

Master Bedroom, Detail

Master Bedroom, Detail

Guest Bedroom, AFTER

What had served as a bedroom shared by the Blaney's three daughters is converted into a comfortable guest bedroom.

Guest Bedroom, AFTER

Prior to the renovation, this modest sized bedroom housed bunk beds, dressers and the belongings of three adolescent girls.

Guest Bedroom, AFTER

The remodeled space is perfect as a guest room. Lex added a bumped-out closet with stylized sliding barn door.

Bathroom, AFTER

Since the house had only one bathroom, Lex was determined to make it something truly special. Borrowing space from an adjacent room, she made way for a clawfoot tub and added a new toilet and vanity.

Bathroom, Detail

White porcelain tile and stone vanity top help give the bathroom a clean and bright new look.

Kitchen, AFTER

With the wall between the kitchen and dining room removed, the kithchen has a much more open and spacious feel.

Kitchen, AFTER

"Buyers love the old homes," says Alana, "but when they come inside, they love to see a brand-new kitchen." Lex modernized the space with dark stained butcher block, Carrara marble countertops and mstainless appliances but kept the overall look and feel classic.

Dining Room, AFTER

The dining area, which is integrated with the front room, is now relocated to an area that is much more convenient to the kitchen.

Dining Room, Detail

And a Little Staging Can Make a Ton of Difference

Prior to the renovation, the value of the Blaney's home was estimated at $189,000 based on comps. After all was said and done, the renovations totaled around $38,000, but helped achieve a swift and profitable sale.


With the renovations and staging complete, the Blaneys were able to list their house at $279,000 and received an offer that met their asking price almost immediately. That was sufficient to help get them into a new and more suitable home -- still a fixer-upper but with lots more space.

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