Before They Were HGTV-Famous: 5 Hosts and Their Past Entertainment Gigs

See which hosts made cameos on popular TV shows and music groups before landing shows on our networks.

While some of our hosts got their break on HGTV, others made a couple of cameos along the way, including some of your favorite shows. We’re going deep into the #ThrowbackThursday vault with these trivia gems.

Did you know Hilary Farr had a non-speaking role in Rocky Horror Picture Show?!

Hillary + RHPS = Awesome. For RHPS fans, she’s the bride at the beginning of the film when Brad and Janet go to the wedding. This tweet sums it up.

Jason Cameron had a small part in HBO’s Sex in the City.

Remember when Miranda was training for a marathon? Watch closely at the people in her running pack. There’s Jason! He’s credited as "Man With Big Arms" in that episode. Some things never change.

This fan spotted Jason!

Before Income Property, Scott McGillivray was in a boy band called Next Element.

Get a look at his classic 90s boyband style! We’re not sure what we love more: The cornrows or the pants. You can watch his interview with another former boybander, Nick Lachey, on VH1 here.

Josh Temple was on Will & Grace.

Remember the mover Debra Messing oogled at in the episode "Stakin’ Care of Business?" That was Josh! This fan caught the cameo and commented on Josh’s Instagram account. His response? The exact line from the scene. Well played, Josh.

Josh was also on Curb Your Enthusiasm with Larry David. Remember the episode where David goes to the wedding and talks to Brad in the bathroom? Yes, that’s Josh in a tux! The Italian accent may be a disguise but this fan knows her HGTV hosts.  

One of the Scott Brothers was in the X-Files!

Any die hard Property Brothers fan knows that Drew and Jonathan and even JD Scott have had Vegas gigs like their magic show. But did you know sixteen-year-old Jonathan has an uncredited role “Blue Beret” in the season 2 premiere episode “Little Green Men.” BRB. Must go watch immediately on Netflix.

Gold star to the ultimate Scott brothers fans who already knew about this.

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