9 Things You Never Thought You'd See in a Tiny House

A two-story tiny house that tilts onto its side? Anything is possible. 

By: Jessica Galliart

From sub-sofa storage to desks that fold into dining tables, the space-saving hacks seen on shows like Tiny House, Big Living and Tiny Luxury are sights to behold. But even though much of the work that goes into a tiny house is about utilizing and repurposing every square inch, there’s still room for creativity that’s not related to saving space. Check out these features that would be considered incredible in any home, not just a tiny one. 

Tilting Tower Home

Tiny House, Big Living

Tiny House, Big Living

Now that it is on actual dirt, the tilting tower has no issues standing itself up, as seen on Tiny House Big Living.

Tiny House, Big Living

Tiny House, Big Living

Now that it is on actual dirt, the tilting tower has no issues standing itself up, as seen on Tiny House Big Living.

Why build out when you could build up? In an incredible engineering feat that has to be seen to be believed, this two-story tiny home with an observation deck tilts from vertical to horizontal for traveling. Yes, the bathroom was designed to have no problems during transport.

Baby Lift

Tiny House, Big Living HTHBL306H

Tiny House, Big Living HTHBL306H

The Tanners baby lift brings their newborn to the second level safely and with ease, as seen on Tiny House Big Living.

Matthew and Meghan needed a safe and easy way to bring their newborn baby up to the sleeping loft in their tiny home. Solution? A baby lift on a pulley system. 

Aquaponics System

Why grow herbs outside when you can do it from the comfort of your own kitchen? Rob installed a custom aquaponics system above the sink in his tiny home. 

Mead Tap 

Tiny House, Big Living HTHBL214H

Tiny House, Big Living HTHBL214H

Tucked neatly next to the fridge, the Crawford's installed a mead tap into their countertop, as seen on Tiny House Big Living.

There’s no need to leave home for the bar when you have your very own tap for honey wine in the kitchen. 

Wine Barrel Bathtub 

Tiny House, Big Living HTHBL302H

Tiny House, Big Living HTHBL302H

Margaret Savino had a creative vision for her tiny art house including a wine barrel for a bathtub as seen on Tiny House, Big Living.

Margaret had serious vision when designing her first home with the help of her mother, a long-time builder — ergo, this tub fashioned out of a wine barrel. 

Full-Bathroom Shower

Tiny House, Big Living

Tiny House, Big Living

To save space, Vlad and Maryam's entire bathroom is a shower, the spacing between the floorboards works as the drain, as seen on Tiny House, Big Living

Speaking of repurposing, Maryam and her husband, Vladimir, decided to skip the bathtub altogether. The couple built a floor that easily drains water, allowing the entire bathroom to function as a shower. 

Chandelier on a Track

Tiny House, Big Living

Tiny House, Big Living

Reveal of Ben and Callie's chandelier, built onto a track that allows them to move it from the kitchen to the living room space, on top of the multi-purpose platform.

Photo by: 182029004420


Style doesn’t have to be stationary. Ben and Callie opted for this chandelier on a track in the ceiling of their tiny home, allowing them to move it from the kitchen to the living space when the mood strikes. 

Soundproof Music Studio

Tiny House, Big Living

Tiny House, Big Living

Reveal of the soundproofed music studio in Arielle and Jacob's Tiny Home

Musicians Jacob and Arielle hoped to take their tiny home on the road with them while touring, and having a space for recording was a must. The sound-dampening walls in this 40-square-foot nook keep outside noise to a minimum. 

Yoga Deck

Tiny House, Big Living

Tiny House, Big Living

View of the Barn House from the Left showing the landscape (Exterior)

Does your standard-sized house have a yoga deck? Didn’t think so. 

Tiny Houses: Living Large in a Small Space

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Small House Movement

The small house movement started roughly a decade ago, but the economic crisis rapidly accelerated its growth as people began to re-evaluate their lifestyles, craving the simplicity that comes with scaling down. At a fraction of the average house price (some a mere $20,000), these structures eliminate the hassle and potential pitfalls of a mortgage. Plus, they force their occupants to pare down their belongings to the essentials and devise innovative solutions to make the most of every inch.

©Tumbleweed Tiny House Company

Architectural Details

Just because a home is Lilliputian doesn't mean it has to be devoid of character. There may not be much room for frills on the inside, but the outside can have all of the flourishes that highlight a more traditional home, such as a gable, dormers, turned posts and railings or a decorative roof.

©Tumbleweed Tiny House Company

Carefully Chosen Furnishings

Those who inhabit tiny houses don't have the luxury of expansive sofas, clusters of chairs and nests of tables, so what they do have needs to count. Tucked into a bright, sunlit nook, this chair can act as a solo reading retreat, a spot for guests to sit, a perch for doing office work on the computer and much more.

©Tumbleweed Tiny House Company


Tiny houses redefine the term "mobile home." For lifelong nomads, one of the most enticing factors of these structures is their potential for portability — many are outfitted with wheels that allow them to be pulled behind a vehicle then parked at the next destination.

©Tumbleweed Tiny House Company

Indoor-Outdoor Connections

Because interior square footage is so limited, outdoor spaces become an integral part of a tiny home's living area. Patios, gardens and other alfresco spots help to expand the amount of usable space. In this beachfront house, a wall of sliding doors opens directly to the sand, lending the illusion of ample room.

©Tumbleweed Tiny House Company

Modular and Folding Furniture

Furnishings that can be collapsed or tucked away when they're not in use give a small home the flexibility it needs. The drop leaf on this table, which sits snug with the wall so as not to waste floor area, folds up or down depending on the homeowners' needs.

©Tumbleweed Tiny House Company

Efficient Storage

When square footage shrinks, it's time to get creative, as those who live in scaled-down houses know all too well. Every inch is an opportunity — for example, shallow drawers tucked into these cabinet toe kicks might hold dish towels and sponges, table linens, utensils and more.

©Tammy Strobel

Petite Appliances

Full-size ranges, double-bowl sinks and side-by-side refrigerators simply won't fit. In their place: mini versions that don't hog space, such as this two-burner stove stacked on top of an oven (with storage tucked behind, to boot).

©Tammy Strobel

Slimmed-Down Structural Elements

In a tiny house, there's no room for a sweeping staircase, broad beams or heavy railings. Instead, homeowners rely on the bare minimum. For example, this narrow staircase tucked against the wall provides access to the sleeping loft without swallowing excess space.

©Matthew Wolpe


Maximizing vertical space in a tiny home is crucial. Enter the loft, which often is used as a sleeping area — some have built-in beds that fold up during the day to make room for an office or play area, and others hold inflatable mattresses or futons.

©Tammy Strobel

Reflective Surfaces

Mirrors, aluminum, stainless steel and other shiny elements help to bounce light around, which makes a tiny home feel bigger. Diamond-plate walls amplify the light streaming in from the window in this compact shower, preventing it from feeling cramped (even if it means giving up a bit of privacy).

©Tumbleweed Tiny House Company

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